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I am thinking about moving from brittany france to the cost calida if i can sell my house. fed up with the weather up ,I was wondering hows life down there i know the weathers better but things like the health service and crime rates and how are the spainish with the brits ,ECT any help gratefully recieived .keith

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Hello Keith,

          Just read your post, your right about the weather its great down here, the crime rate is low and the state hospitals are very good, in fact the main hospital in Murcia is one of the best in Spain, There are two large shopping centres in Murcia, and another in Cartagena which also has a large beautiful port which plays host to several cruise ships each year. The region of Murcia has excellent road communications and makes a delightful base to reach other parts of Spain and the rest of Europe easily. If you are looking to buy property here have a look at our web site which has some fantastic bargains and more information about the Costa Calida. Kind Regards Stella  


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Hello Keith , I am sure you wont be disappointed .The weather is a lot better as you tend to get more or less what is served up in the UK for weather but probably slightly better . You can sit out and have a coffee in December here . Its not all buckets of roses though it can get quite cold but generally thats at night and you know it wont last long. There is also the Spanish red tape which at times can be infuriating but as long as you just go with it ( otherwise it will send you bonkers lol) you will be OK ,in truth over the last few years things seem to have improved. To cocncur with your reply from Stella ,the health sysytem is fine but if you are of working age you must have paid into the system to get the benefits ( what a breath of fresh air that is ,take note UK ) With regard to crime rates ,I personally think it has gone up from a few years ago and is probably down to the recession and the amount of people out of work. Again if you take sensible precautions as with anywhere else you should be OK  Home security and personal security etc.and lastly with the Spanish I find that they are generally agreeable people and on the whole very friendly ,and once you get to know a few Spanish friends you can also teach each other the language which is very important. There is a big drive in the Murcia region at the moment for the Spanish to learn English which I think is disappointing but they put it down to business dealings as there are so many Brits here, good luck Paul.


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We are also considering moving to the area - looking around Mazarron down towards Mojacar (where we have just spent 3 weeks).  Will look at your website Stella and sign up with you as we are looking to move permanently from SW France - for better winter weather.

Agreed with Paul Watson; it was cool in the evenings and our rented villa didn't have proper heating, so if you buy, look for something with some sort of heating/wood burner.

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