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Hi, we have a rental property on the Mazarron Country Club and are wanting to have WiFi internet installed quite soon. We've had a quote from Compusurf at Camposol but would like to know if there are any better options out there, if anyone has any experiences or advice.

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Bill 1422436134

The AngloINFO Directory lists local English speaking businesses that provide Internet and WiFi services. Check out relevant ones and contact those that interest you.

Frantic-962472 1422439144

There is a company called Wimaz, in Puerto de Mazarron. 

moira96 1422710369

I've had a look at a few providers including Carthagosat at the Country Club itself. They all offer much the same speeds and prices but I guess what I'm looking for is a recommendation.

MarkS-10052328 1442401260

I know your post was some time ago, and you are probably now sorted,...I've recently signed up with Portal Wimax. They came and installed the dinner plate size dish on a pole on the chimney, ran the wiring through existing ducting, and left me with a wireless router. Installation was clean and efficient, and they fitted in around me being at the property. Very pleased with the service. A neighbour of mine uses Telitec.

moira96 1442570746

Hi , thanks for your reply. Always interested in up grading. What do they charge and what broadband speed do you get.

MarkS-10052328 1443017098

Installation was 60E. Then there was the choice of paying 19.90+IVA per month, or paying for the equipment (200E+),and paying 13.90+ per month.

We are visitors rather than residents so dont need the service all the time. With the upfront payment and 13.90E per month we can request Wimax (by email, in advance) to turn the service on when we are out there and off when we leave, straight away. With the 19.90E package we had to have the service full time for the first 12 months before being able to turn it off. (Hope this makes sense). After doing some calculations the former suited us best. When we activate the service the minimum charge period is 2 weeks for which they charge, 6.95E+. I think when we are out there for 3 weeks they will charge prorata, so 3/4 of 13.90E+. .My wife is out there now for a week and the service was available, as requested, when she arrived. No complaints....yet!  Speed is supposed to be 6 Mb/s but I havent done a speed test yet.

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