Real Christmas trees

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Hi everybody  this our first Christmas on  marmenor golf resort  and wondering if anybody knows where I can buy a real Christmas tree locally ? 

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The Ministry of Agriculture are offering real trees for €5 at the El Valle Nursery La Alberca as a conservation exercise. 

You buy the tree and then return it to be replanted.

If that is not your thing you should be able to get one at a local Garden Centre.

Google translation of the article says:

Murcia sell Christmas trees at 5 euros that will be replanted after the holidays

They approach the Christmas season and, as usual, many households Murcia be decorated with a Christmas tree. To facilitate the acquisition of these trees, logging of them in the Murcia Mountains and subsequent recovery, the Ministry of Agriculture has launched an initiative that encourages all Murcia to attend the nursery of El Valle, located in La Alberca, just minutes from Murcia to acquire the Christmas tree this holiday season using.

The trees will be sold at a price of 5 euros, which is not very high and the subsequent goal is that once finished the holidays, the owners returned to the nursery trees, which is responsible for recovering all possible and replant.

Among the varieties that can be found are Aleppo, stone pines, palms, juniper berries, oak and cypress of Cartagena. Trees can be purchased until the 24th of December and the opening hours are between 8.00 to 18.00.

The initiative was launched in last year and is expected to be this year again welcomed and thus avoid, insofar as possible, logging in the mountains or to see hundreds of withered trees stacked near containers after the holidays.

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