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I've been having problems recently with the plughole in my shower. I've managed to clear all the hair etc out but it's still not draining properly. Can anyone recommend a good drain cleaner I can buy to get it fully cleaned.

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fabtastic-465808 1280938598

In Mercadona you can buy caustic soda crystals.

Boil your kettle......... put some of these down the plughole (with care as this is dangerous stuff)
then tip the kettle of boiling water down the plug hole. You can hear it doing its stuff. This should work, also a good old plunger from time to time clears the residue soap etc.

Always keep these crystals well away from children & pets and dont inhale the steam when following the above procedure.

beckm 1281003065

You can use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

Jilly-464782 1281103765

Thanks both.

Can I ask why you use vinegar with the bicarbonate of soda?

beckm 1281128346

When you pour the vinegar on the bicarb it causes it to fizz, not sure exactly how it all works but it does and without nasty chemicals. I always leave the bicarb and viengar for a while then pour a bit of boiling water down.

bob nicholls-468489 1281226166

salfmant or some times called agua fuerte will clear just about anything, i use it to clear my sinks etc,
you will find it in all your supermarkets near the bleach etc,
this is a acid so you must use care and dont poor it around the plug hole make sure it goes straight in,
fabtastics solution is one i know of but from first hand expierience i know it can make things worse if your blockage is bad , the soda crystals can end up a solid white lump that just sits ontop your original problem,,,,
good luck,,bob

Jilly-464782 1281348395

Thanks Bob, I'm off shopping today so I'll look for the salfmant or agua fuerte.

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