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I have an old farm house near Mula, Murcia, which has 6,500 sq.m of land that needs rotovating. Does anyone know where I can purchase a two wheeled tractor, preferably second hand?

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Hi, from lots of personal experience, a 2 wheeled tractor can be hard work with that amount of land to rotavate or till. If you have the budget, look at a small tractor, which will make any task light work, another point to take inot consideration is the gradient of your ground (Do you need 2 or 4 wheeled drive) It will also give you the flexability to increase the range of implements that can be attached for a variety of jobs. There seems to be a lot of Agricultural dealers scattered around who always have a range of small parked up tractors outside. Best of luck!

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Our land is basically flat and full of olive trees, so a two wheeled tractor would be ideal, also keep me busy rotorvating it. I havent seen any agricultural dealers, which is why i was enquiring.

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Hi, I know that you posted your question last year, but if you have not yet found a two wheeled tractor and you are able to travel to Lorca, there is a guy here who sells them. I am in the process of buying one myself. He has several available and will let you try them out on land at the back of his garage before you buy. If you need any more information, please contact me.

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As we are not yet resident in Spain ,yes we are still looking for a two wheeled tractor,especially as the weeds are now as tall as the olive trees!

Can you give me an idea of the prices that they are selling for.

Thanks for your help

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Hi, I have sent you an email with some information. If you need any more info, please contact me.

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