VHS VCR repairs

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Hi, all, anyone know of someone who repairs VHS VCR's cheaply ,preferably not commercial, I need two looking at that won't 'play' after power surge. Cehegin/ Caravaca or Camposol/Mazarron areas.

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angelikskier 1392044022

hi, i don´t know if you sorted your vcr problem out but we have a video player for sale, plus about 15 videos of good films. my phone number is 663572603 if you´re interested

best wishes anna

WRINKLE-470951 1392047993

Hi, Anna, I'm really just looking for repairs, having said that what area do you live? and what sort of price are you looking at? ( is the unit a recorder/player or just a player), regards , Gary

angelikskier 1392056062

Hi Gary, 

Yes the video player is  a recorder. We have 18 videos as well and were looking at €25 for the player plus €1 each for the videos but this is open to offers. It is a Bluesky video player.

We live between MAzarron and Cartagena at Cuesta Blanca.

Let me know if you are interested.



WRINKLE-470951 1392296824

Hi, Anna, I'm not down your way for a while, I'll give you a ring nearer the time as I am interested in the VCR, but not the videos. If you sell it in the meantime, no problems. Gary, 634329037

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