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The B Clean Gardening Group from Sector B, Camposol, are having a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 13th ) at 11.30 am, at Kennellys on Commercial Centre B.Everyone is welcome.Sandy

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I've just read an article in the Euro Weekly news that says the analogue signal in Spain will be completely switched off on 3rd April 2010. I found this on their website - http://www.euroweeklynews.com/2008121154040/news/costa-blanca/spanish-switchover-to-digital-television-tdt-explained.html Does anyone watch Spanish digital tv and is much of it in English?

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Hiya, I live at Camposol and have Cespa Butane gas bottles, I usually go to Fuento Alamo to change them, does anyone know where there is anywhere closer.

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Does anyone know where I may find one of those free standing wardrobes made from fabric and wood, usually have some hanging space and some drawers?

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Did anyone purchase from Val & Jo at the ADAPT book stall a copy of Fern Britton's biography. If you have this book and it is inscribed on the fly cover "to Jean" can you contact us. Many thanks

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People usually size doesn't matter! however can anyone give me their recommendation as to what size satelite dish I should buy? I want to have one that will do for now for a free to view box, but I also want it to be big enough for when we change to Sky. I am in Camposol. Many thanks

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Hi, Can anyone recommend someone to supply and fit new kitchen worktops on Camposol? We need one plain length of about 1.5 metres and another with sinkdrainer and hob cut outs of about 2.1 metres. Not sure about worktop type, all depends on costs. Thanks for any recommendations

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Does anyone know where I can buy a water cooler to go in my kitchen? Prefer a free standing one with hot and cold options.

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Does anyone know of a good (preferably Spanish) garden centre for trees and shrubs, in the Mazarron/Alhama/Totana area? We are sick of being ripped off at the centres that cater for the English. As we need many, many trees (cypresses or the like to put along the fence to form a windbreak), as well as some fruit trees (of an age to be producing some fruit now) and anything else that would provide some privacy, we're hoping to find a centre that has reasonably priced stock. We've tried the local markets, but even they are a little beyond our price range, given the numbers we need. Alternatively, if anyone has any advice about cultivating our own trees from cuttings, any help offered would be appreciated. Cheers.

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We have an apartment at Sucina,which is 30 mins. south of Murcia.We are looking for someone who could lay a new small lawn and erect a fence. Can anyone recommend a gardener who could do this?

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Hi does anyone know anywhere where its possible to buy wooden solid or laminate flooring aside from Leroy Merlin. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me if this kind of thing is easy to buy in the Murcia area? If it is, has anyone got any info as to where to buy it and prices if poss? Thanks Sue

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I have recently seen several adverts for bio fuel fireplaces, and wondered if anyone knows anything about them.I have been very happy with my log burner, but now being on my own, don't know if I can cope with stacking a ton or more of logs every year!!The bio fuel ones seem very easy to install, and are not too expensive, but don't know how much heat they produce, and how easy it is to obtain bio fuel, so any help would be much appreciatedSandy

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Hi, Can anyone recommend good places, within 1 hour drive of Mazarron, to look for outside furniture sets? Patio tablechair sets etc. I know of Gines, Naura and Visanfer but have exhausted their stock and not impressed. Thanks

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I have never been to Ikea before so please bare with me. Can anyone tell me if they sell bunk bed style beds with just 1 bed on the top and space for a table underneath?

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Is there anywhere I can take my memory stick from my computer to have digital photographs printed? I live in Alhama so anywhere close will do.

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We need to have a new kitchen installed complete with new appliances but are not sure who to use. We have decided against Ikea. Does anybody know of a reliable kitchen design/installation service in the Mazarron area who they have used and would recommend?

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We need to get our electric meter tested as we did a test ourselves and found that even with everything turned off the meter is still running. Iberdrola have said we need to contact the town hall and have the meter checked and then get back to them.Would anyone know if it is found that the meter is faulty will I have to pay to have it replaced & how easy would it be to get some kind of compensation? Also would anyone know roughly how much it would cost to run two 60 watt light bulbs for a week.Many thanks.

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Hi all, I'm in the market for a brand new kitchen so am hopping someone can recommend an English speaking company anywhere in the region. Cheers in advance.

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Can anyone tell me where I might find a desktop paper shredder in either Murcia or Cartagena (or close to either)?

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