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Has anyone used M&S online shopping with the goods delivered direct to Spain? Just want to know what the service is like and how quickly they deliver.

started by: DavyR · last update: 1264166431 · posted: 1264080240

Can anyone tell me who to contact to have an old, broken washing machine taken away?

started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1263481863 · posted: 1263481863

Has anyone seen any good sales on in any of the large shopping centres?

started by: mamas-465377 · last update: 1263325854 · posted: 1262680115

We have had donated a 1960s Singer hand sewing machine.Its a lovely machine but seems to have a problem with the tension, one of our staff has had a good look at the machine & feels we need a sewing machine expert on the job.We just wondered if anybody out there could please help us. We are in Puerto Mazarron but could deliver & collect it from you (within reason)MAMAS...... helping you, helping animalsRegistered charity in Spain9537/1a

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1262947229 · posted: 1262947229

Does anyone have the telephone number of the boiler man, he may be from Fuente area. Needed here on Camposol. Thankyou.

started by: mondsmum · last update: 1262688123 · posted: 1262623380

I received the following information via e mail. Does anyone know if this is true and has anyone opted for another provider ?? If you use more than 10kw of electricity (shown on your bill…if you actually get one that is) then you need to go and register at one of their dedicated outlets and either sign up with another company or, once again, with Iberdrola. If you don’t the cost of your electricity will be upped by 20% every time you receive a bill. Those who are consuming less than 10kw will still pay more for their supply if they fail to register but at the lesser rate of 5%.The company, which mad 9 billion net profit in the first nine months of last year defends the increases and points out that it is the government who have set the rate not the provider itself.For more information or contact details in English try their website www.iberdrola.es

started by: jonjon2010 · last update: 1262198421 · posted: 1262196528

Can anyone recommend a chimney sweep in thge Mazarron area, please?

started by: solchica · last update: 1262194875 · posted: 1261945183

Does anyone know of a english speaking emergency plumber in the mazarron area please?

started by: llamedos-464504 · last update: 1261431369 · posted: 1261413527

Does anyone use a portable dehumidifier, do they work OK and where would be the best place to purchase one from at a reasonable price.CheersMerry Chrismas

started by: margsy · last update: 1261243026 · posted: 1261229788

the cord on our security blind has snapped and we are finding it impossible to repair. does anybody know how to do it or anybody local to Puerto de Mazarron who repairs security blinds/shutters?

started by: Monty-469157 · last update: 1261166805 · posted: 1261128971

Hi all, new to this site so please be gentle with me. Can anyone give me some recommendations for satellite installation companies in the Mazarron area? If possible, I'd like two or three names so that I can compare but don't want ripped off by some cowboy company. Cheers all.

started by: Uncle Funk · last update: 1260890579 · posted: 1260890579

Has anyone been in contact recently, or used the services of Simon - 'Man with a Van'?My mother hired him to move her to the UK in October this year and is very upset with the service he provided, as he lost a box with lots of personal items that are irreplaceable and of sentimental value. It appears, he has no insurance. He has failed to return her calls and has a total lack of respect towards following up queries.My mother is a pensioner on state pension and has been very upset with the 'treatment, or lack of it' she has received. Since investigating further I have spoken to a number of his ' acquaintances' and ex-partner, who tell me he has done a 'runner' and owes money 'left, right and centre'! If anyone is in contact with him and could supply me with information it would be much appreciated.Be warned...

started by: jim donagher · last update: 1260782774 · posted: 1260708364

Hi just bought afagor water heater and installed same. Used all right tube 12 mm. for gas. 18 mm. for water feed and exit. Heater tries to fire up but fi keeps coming up. Instructions are all in Spanish. Anyone with any help . Regards Jim with cold ¨(hot) water.

started by: julie12 · last update: 1260732271 · posted: 1260701447

With the weather getting colder and the houses getting damper can anyone recommend something that will remove and prevent the return of the black mould that starts to appear around the windows.

started by: llamedos-464504 · last update: 1260478408 · posted: 1260361369

Just wondered if anyone has had to replace the glass in the door of their woodburner at the chimeneas in Mazarron and on average how much did it cost. Regards

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Can anyone tell me what to dial to withhold your telephone number?

started by: Slinky-463569 · last update: 1260218709 · posted: 1260208094

Is it normal for light bulbs in Spanish properties to keep blowing after only a few weeks or could there be a problem somewhere?

started by: Sasha-468487 · last update: 1260217060 · posted: 1260188634

What sort of price should I expect to pay for a large mobile oil filled radiator and where is the best place to get one at a good price?

started by: Sasha-468487 · last update: 1260192050 · posted: 1260188777

Can anyone tell me if Ikea sell floor rugs at a reasonable price or can I get some elsewhere cheaper?

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hi we are just outside mazarron. anyone know where we can get logs at a reasonable price

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