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Hi. I would like to buy a half a dozen olive trees or some cutting,to grow uo here in rainy Brittany,has anyone got a few to let me have or could you point me to a supplier.best regards.sabc15.

started by: lottie13-403657 · last update: 1388856381 · posted: 1388514487

we are thinking of buying a couple of electric radiators as a back up to our woodburner and have come across these spanish made zana plus by farho, has anyone used these?

started by: michele-468134 · last update: 1386574222 · posted: 1384705815

Hi,   I have a holiday apartment which we only use a few weeks of the year and I have noticed that we are paying more for Potencia Facturada than the energy we use. Currently we are with Iberdrola. Are their any cheaper deals for low users or other companies to switch to who are cheaper?   Thanks

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I am installing WiFi in my casa. I have a router in the underbuild next to my PC. I have successfully connected a wireless printer but can't get authourisation for my old PC close by. I have a WiFi extender which again is connected but will not authenticate.  It is needed upstairs for a Kindle Fire and a soon to be bought SMART TV. Are there any WiFi experts who will come to your home (Bolnuevo) and solve my problems?   Any advice and recommendations welcome.   JON T  

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Does anybody know of a reliable and good builder in the Balsicas / San Javier area who takes on smaller projects like extensions?.

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Help please after 6 years Aquagest have cut off my water supply Im in the Uk and cant log on or register , I dont know why after all this time they have stopped taking my direct debit. I visited last month and had to return because we had no water they havent contacted me at home and registering with them is nigh impossible. can anyone help please   cheers tony  

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What does it cost to have your pool maintained on a monthly basis?Any recommendations?Live in the Puerto de Mazarron area.

started by: Claire-923595 · last update: 1379351204 · posted: 1379351204

wanted to just take a second to make a recommendation I changed the pool maintenance company after finding out old one had ripped me off with re grout price !. ocean pools came and I must recommend as was so surprised at the difference In price and service , this was year ago and service not changed a bit  so thankyou to my friend for recommendation ! wanted to share so its ocean pools on 680308588 

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Hi,  relocating to the Murcia area can anyone please advise if there are any builders merchants or B&Q style stores in the vicinity? Is it better to get paint etc. in the UK , how are the quality of products in Spain! Living in France at the moment and find it very hard to find good quality. 

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Hello we have a four bedroom villa in isla plana that we are putting on the market and are aware we now have to have an energy performance certificate carried out on the house. We have been quoted between 250-350 euro for it. Is that right? If anyone has any info please let me know or anyone who can do it cheaper.   Thanks Tom

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We have had loads of wasps this year especially near the pool & jacuzzi!   It took us ages to find anyone who could help, we tried spraying them ourselves & got chased down the garden! Not recommended. If anyone else is having a problem, email us & we can give you contact details.  Think he deals with bees nests as well.

started by: Roberto-470283 · last update: 1375308510 · posted: 1375308510

Help.  If anyone knows "Sparkyinspain" I would be most grateful if you pass my e-mail address on to him and ask him to mail me.  Thank you. Roberto (in beautiful, downtown Birmingham !). suenodeovejaselectrica@yahoo.co.uk

started by: johnnie1uk-182 · last update: 1367842290 · posted: 1366892186

cannot find it anywhere any ideas thanks

started by: mazajon · last update: 1358413544 · posted: 1358413544

Im looking for a TV repair man, does anyone have any ideas? Camposol area. My Tv wont turn on even though the power light is on!

started by: Ellie.m · last update: 1357815128 · posted: 1357748057

Does anyone know of a local company (Orihuela Costa) or reasonably close by who brings larger electrical goods over from the UK? I want a silver free standing double oven and hob - not for a tall unit- and am finding it impossible to find in Spain.

started by: Josh-470879 · last update: 1355135076 · posted: 1294916416

Where is the best place to buy a new TV, large multi-chain stores or a small, local supplier? ie if you have a problem, who provides the better service?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1347569618 · posted: 1347569618

Yes, we left two in the UK thinking we would never need a hedge trimmer, but, we do, so if anyone out there brought one with them and dont use it, then we would be interested.  Mazarron area.   Thanks

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I have a Chain Saw that need servicing.I asked this question before and a kind gentleman told me of a place in Totana.Of course, I have mislaid the name. Begins with "V" I think, out towards Lorca?Thanks for any help and i will write it down this time.Jon

started by: jonjon2010 · last update: 1345659742 · posted: 1345659742

My B&D Scorpion Saw is not working. the blade keeps falling out.Does anyone know any shop in the Mazarron area that would repair it?

started by: sherri-472796 · last update: 1342548980 · posted: 1342525023

Does anyone have the number of a domestic engineer in the Mazarron area. My washing machine needs repairing.

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