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We have friends coming over October to look for a property and I thought it would be much better if they could attend an exhibition where there are many developers rather than just visit the odd office here and there. Does anyone know if there is anything like this coming up then they could book flights around the event? They would prefer the Costa Calida area if possible. Many thanks

started by: hector-463002 · last update: 1189851792 · posted: 1189613310

Can anyone give any advice on how we could protect the plants this winter from the frosts we are now beginning to experience. I lost some lovely bougainvillia last season.

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1189080462 · posted: 1189080462

I need to fit some small aluminium doors under our outdoor sink unit - does anyone know a local supplier and fitter in the Mazarron area?

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1188921417 · posted: 1188573691

For some reason I have rosemary taking over the garden and apart from putting a spring over the lamb on a sunday I really dont know what to do with it. Any ideas?

started by: teddy-463060 · last update: 1188918276 · posted: 1188905072

Where are the best value DIY chains on the Costa Cálida?

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1188810173 · posted: 1188573524

I know that the smell of citronella is supposed to keep mossies away but does anyone know of any herbs that do the same thing?

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1188653653 · posted: 1188648522

Can anyone personally recommend a hot tub company in the Mazarron area? Would prefer information from someone who has actually purchased one. Thank you

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How do I use this to get the dirt and sand out of the pool. The instructions on the side are in Spanish and I didnt think to ask when I bought it.

started by: madmax-462999 · last update: 1188638019 · posted: 1188578456

We are moving into a smaller apartment for a couple of months and need to store some of our belongings until our new home is ready. Can anyone give us an idea of prices or companies that could help out? Lorca, Totana or Alhama area if poss.

started by: sianee · last update: 1188485184 · posted: 1188221667

On Saturday evening we had a downpour which left us with absolutely filthy properties, the garden walls, the cars, all the ballastrades, every surface was left with a dark mud. The whole day was a clean up operation throughout our urbanisation, without repainting everywhere does anyone have any ideas how we could get the walls clean and the pool surround. Everything else has cleaned up with good old soap and water.

started by: drury-463000 · last update: 1188469697 · posted: 1188038311

I´ve read that we may be getting a gota fria towards the end of September. Having never actually witnessed one of these I just wondered what precautions one would advise and if anyone had actually seen one?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1188390179 · posted: 1188039028

If you need to get rid of cockroaches, wherever you find them scatter pinches of washing soda in between the chinks in woodwork and plaster.

started by: brian-463006 · last update: 1188222083 · posted: 1188039477

Does anyone have a pool cover for the winter months? I wondered how successful they are and if they are really necessary if we are living over here permanently.

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I was in a rush the other day and grabbed one of those magi cloth dusters to wipe over my shoes, they came up so shiney! it was just as good as using those sponge shoe cleaners you buy.

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All our local shops only stock a small selection of DIY type wood. I need a merchants that will supply enough suitable for decking and a pergola. Live Fuente Alamo area. Any ideas??

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Recently in the evenings, we have noticed some very small insects, hard backed, about the size of an ant in the bathroom sink? Does anyone else have them? or does anyone know what they are?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1187892204 · posted: 1187880198

Descaling a kettle, dont bother buying expensive products, a cheap bottle of white wine vinegar will do the trick, pour in enough to cover the element, just to minimum, then boil. The element will be back to shiney new, rinse well and boil through a couple of times with water to get rid of the smell/taste of the vinegar.

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We have now been told to try floculante to try and get rid of all the dirt in the pool, I forgot to check can we let the children into the pool or not when this is done and if not how long do we have to wait before we can go in?

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This word keeps cropping up when we are looking at properties and I cant find it in our dictionary!

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Not that i was complaining, but when i looked closely at the Iberdrola bill, i realised it was an estimated reading on the same period last year when i was away from the property, so next the next bill will probably be double what it normally is, so if you get an unexpectedly low bill, check it out or you may get a nasty surprise next time.

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