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Can anyone tell me out of all the many units on sale, which are the most economic to run?? I have been told they are A B and C. I am assuming A is the most economic, but dont want to make any more mistakes. Would be grateful for some input.

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How can I find out if our urbanisation is on a hosepipe ban? I would never dream of wasting water or washing the car. But we dont have a sprinkler system so I water the garden twice a week late in the evening.

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Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get one of these B&Q type places to plan out a fitted kitchen? We have seen all the units we like etc. but are reluctant to ask as we dont speak much of the lingo. Any advice??

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Does anyone know how easy it is to swop from a chemical pool over to a salt pool. I am finding it hard work sorting out this chemical business, what do other folk find?

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You may have read my earlier posting re oleanders, that will have given you a clue that I am not much of a gardener, however I am trying to learn. I know now to take great care when dealing with oleanders but what's happening to my geraniums? I thought even I could grow those. Not so they are all dying back, leaves falling off, stalks dying back . Can any one help' Does any one know what the problem might be? Cheers

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I chose lavendar because it supposed to be hardy! I bought four plants, put them in a compost/soil mixture, watered them a little not alot and there is one left. Any suggestions what I´ve done wrong. It grows wild for goodness sake.

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I´m looking for someone who could run up some covers to put over the cushions we have on our seagrass patio furniture- Its not standard sizes so needs to be made special. We are in the Mazarron area. Thank you.

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Sorry about this but we have only just taken over this villa with a pool and its all new to me. We have some brown and black appearing between the grouting and someone told us to shock the pool. Can anyone explain what they mean, I could swim in the nude that would probably shock it but wouldnt solve the grouting problem..

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I´ve seen these advertised in the local paper and just wondered if anyone had bought one and if so how successful they are? Its quite an expense if they dont do the job.

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Is it possilble to buy an adhesive to stick a couple of tiles back on in the pool without having to empty it?

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I have a lot of wonderful Oleander plants in the garden, However I need to trim them back and could do with a bit of advice. My partner says she has heard they are very poisonous and you have to be very careful how you deal with this plant, any knowledgeable gardeners out there who can help please

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I recently bought some lovely bushes, they look a little bit like privets in the UK, anyway I was told they would be OK anywhere in the garden. Well they are not, the green leaves have now turned pure white and look like they will drop off. Do I dig them up and put them on the terrace or persevere with them in the garden? Everything is going to end up on the terrace and the garden will be empty!!

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I think our pool pump is faulty and it is in desperate need of a good clean. Can you point me in the direction of a pool cleaning and maintenance company based in the Mazarron area? Thanks!

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Where can I find a good timber merchant , I live near Torre Pacheco. Want to build a garden shelter for myself and the dog to siesta in!

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