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Can anyone give me any info about the "White Meter" am assuming you can still have this installed but I cannot find any info on Iberdrola's web site Regards

started by: charlie77-472470 · last update: 1336596147 · posted: 1335808887

hi folks just got a logburner need advice on getting it fitted iam in camposol cheers charlie

started by: karen1960 · last update: 1335885233 · posted: 1335454081

Hi We have just bought a villa in Camposol and are having bit's done to it. As most of the terraces on the front have roofs and windows we thought it would be a good idea to do the same. ohhh how wrong was i, we got a builder to start the roof only to be told we need a licence which we didn't know, then we need an architect for that again we didn't know. Now we have been told we have been fined for making the property better. Has anyone else had that problem and can we contest it in anyway. thank you

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I have just moved into a property that has been empty for a long time..and both toilet bowls have unsightly lime scale...I have used bleach, in copious amounts, and then advised to use very strong vinegar....it isn't shifting...any suggestions please...? Annie

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Many of you may know of this but for those who do not I will pass on this information which I recently found out by accident. If you have been painting and like me you got paint on your arms and hands (Like you do ) then try using the wet wipes you buy in the supermarket, the ones I used were "Toallitas Para Bebés" they are in a blue pack and I was amazed how they removed paint on most surfaces and off your hands without having to use paint cleaning agents on your hands. I was using a normal metal paint for my main gates and sucurity gates and not hamerite but it is worth trying with any paint as you have nothing to loose. Regards

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Is there anyone on Camposol that issues fire certificates for rental properties?

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Does anyone know of where one can get a fridge repaired in the Mazarron area?

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There are at least two "Energy Savers" being offered at the moment."Energy Savers Spain" have one for 49.95€ and "Iberswitch" have a "Power Saver" for 40€.Does anyone have any experience of these types of "plug-in" energy savers (10-15%)?Are they any good? Do they save you money, if so, how much and how ?

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I need a part for a ELNA Sewing Machine.Does anyone know of a sewing machine supplier/seller/service in the area Mazarron, Murcia, cartagena etc?ThanksJoan

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Anyone know where I can take a chainsaw, petrol engined, to get it serviced as mine refuses to start?Mazarron area.ThanksJon

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I woner if anyone can help......i need to repaint and or tile my pool an I hear that you can sell the water rather than waste it an then buy it back or effectively swap it for some more........sorry if this is not making sense but I know what I mean.......any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I have two Orbegozo gas bottle space heaters which are 5/6 years old.They are burning with a smell. Does anyone know anything about maintenance of them?The jet is very difficult to access.

started by: Sally-465174 · last update: 1327056634 · posted: 1326817981

Can anyone tell me if toilet seats from the likes of Leroy Merlin are any good? My old one is fairly thin plastic and has finally broken so looking for quality replacement at a good price. I did look at some in Eroski at Dos Mares but they seemed to be made from cheap, painted wood or something as most of them were badly chipped.

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Anyone know of jardineria in or near to Los Alcazares who could lop just the flowering branches off some very tall Palm Trees (washington type) probably need s man who can shin up the trees at an affordable cost, rather than the whole gambit of mechanised cherry picker. Also anyone who could give a price for complete removal of 4 trees about 10 meters high each, they will need the whole gambit of lorry crane etc.

started by: Nattie-472203 · last update: 1323171739 · posted: 1322567315

Is it possible to get a real christmas tree in Spain that I could plant in my garden? I always had one outside in the UK that I decorated at christmas time.

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Anyone got any ideas how to open a washing machine door?Model Zanussi FLS 434Serial number etc are on a label on the door rim Inside!

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I would like to know if anyone has had the experience of changing electricity company and if anyone has used IBERSWITCH in that case. They have a lot of advertising going on at the moment. Before using them I would like to know if it´s a good deal. Thankfull for all info. Margareta

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I'm in the process of changing my kitchen and I want to have a gas cooker and boiler for hot water. Apologies if this is a silly question but is it possible to get piped gas in Spain? If so, how would one go about getting connected?

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I already posted looking for a second hand worktop but no replies at all! So, now I am looking for the best prices for worktops, we don't need a lot and want it to look nice, but are on a strict budget...any ideas?

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Hi I have a friend who has a villa on camposol, i think it's sector b or c (opposite the hotel)..She doesnt live there but gets charged 45e every 2 months for her water..No water is being used..She contacted the estate agent she bought the property from and they said it was a standing charge..It includes water in that price, any additional water used is then added on..Seems a bit excessive if no one is using the villa but still getting charged 45euro every 2 months..Can someone enlighten me on this or has my friend got it wrong

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