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Trying to contact a company called crystal pool cleaning and villa service on Camposol - does anyone have their number please?

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Is any one using Ibered.es for your wireless internet service? would like your opinion please.

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I have just had to admit defeat to the red palm weevils that have destroyed my dear old palm tree. Does anyone know of someone in the San Javier / Sucina area that could take the dead one away and also possibly replace it with one of the palm trees that is not affected by this bug?I am aware that they are protected but I would like the name of a firm that could possibly assist me before I go to the Ayunamiento. I live in the camp so don't think they would be bothered anyway but will confirm.Any help gratefully received but no opinions please.

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Are there any cheap second hand/junk shops or markets that sell furniture, in the Murcia City area? or on bus routes from MC? I know there is Ikea, but I like to find quirky unusual things. Thank you...Annie

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Can anyone help me to find out where I can buy a new battery for my Friedland Burglar Alarm the battery is a NP 1.2 - 6 volts lead acid. Many thanks

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does anyone know how I can get rid of ants in the house? I have a small dog so whatever it is must be dog friendly.

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I wanted to post some positive feedback for telefonica. Last Wednesday I finally got bored of having to struggle with Orange Internet Everywhere and applied for a ADSL line and new phone line via the Telifonica website. By 5pm Friday, my line was installed(there hadn't been one in the house before) and I have access to the internet. Very impressed with the speed of the service, and it works out less money than I was paying before.

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Can someone tell me if I can buy a pressure washer from a ferreteria or would I have to go somewhere bigger like Leroy Merlin?

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Hi, does anyone know where I can buy Bamboo poles/sticks for supporting plants eg: Tomato plants etc. I have tried a few places but to no avail !

started by: Andy-466902 · last update: 1310747605 · posted: 1309961787

Can anyone recommend a quality but affordable air conditioning company for my mother? She lives in San Pedro del Pinatar in a small two bedroom bungalow and would need just 3 units. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know where i can buy a gas BBQ hose. Its not the standard hose you buy in a DIY place it has a 1/2" connector as part of the hose? Mazarron area Thanks.

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Does anyone know where I could buy a foot spa locally or will I have to buy online? I'm in San Javier but willing to travel.

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We have recently taken on a finca near Condado de Alhama and the garden is absolutely overrun with snails and woodlice to plague proportions. The snails are covering every tree and also the sides of the house and the woodlice are everywhere - every morning I sweep up hundreds from the kitchen and lounge. I have only managed to find small tubs of powder to treat these and I am also worried about using some products as I have cats and dogs. Can anyone offer any help or advice?

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I have just received a letter from Iberdrola stating that we have to have a PCS fitted, otherwise we will be charged for more power than we are actually using. Has anyone had this done and at what cost, I know Iberdrola charge a small fee once this is installed to come and seal the PCS. If anyone has successfully had this installed on Camposol please can you let me have a phone number of the person used to do this. Many thanks.

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Hello, as we are moving to Murcia we'd like to have English television. Have been in contact with europa.network.com. Any feedback on that company? We´ll be living in La Alberca, close to the La Arrixaca hospital. Any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks in advance, have a nice day, Margareta

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I need a palm tree (possibly two) removing. One is in an elevated bed, one in the ground. Both trunks are 2-3M high. In Puerto de Mazarron. Can anyone recommend someone local to do the work? I know about planning permission. I know they are protected. Please email me via AI Thanks.

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At present, living on Camposol "A" we cannot have Landline telephone supply, and due to this we have, as do many others here on "A" ......A Radio telephone system with Telefonica. We personally have the radio telephone for rental of 15Euro per month. We have our Broadband/Internet with the computor company on Sector B. We are trying to find an alternative to Surf plan and would appreciate opinions and info...both for and against of Compusurf with both Telephone and Broadband together as a package. Also.....Is Orange available here on Camposol? and other alternatives which are available to us here on Camposol. We are currently receiving on Broadband between 1 and 2Mb which varies sometimes, but is reliable at least in the main. That is why we left Teletec, who were so erratic with supply. All advice and experiences from those with Compusurf on Camposol will be much appreciated.

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Can anyone advise me where to advertise a Classico bungalow for sale? I do now want to use the local estate agents as their commissions are horrendously high and as the property is selling for less than 50k, I cannot justify their 5k fee! It has to be on a site utilised by British people as it is not very likely that spanish or other nationalities are going to be very interested in property on Camposol - which is British on the whole. Any advise would be greatefully received. Thank you

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Can anyone tell me the best place to buy a paddling pool for my family's visit next week?

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Can anyone tell me where I might find a wine cooler. Do any of the larger supermarkets sell them?

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