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Does anyone know where I can buy 'real grass' - turf in Murcia or Cartagena area please? Garden centres here in Spain don't seem to have any. Many thanks!

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Hi. Please could anyone advise me where i could buy a swimming pool slide from. Thank you

started by: karen1960 · last update: 1306355649 · posted: 1306172134

Can anyone tell me which is the best type of pool to get? One in the ground or a pre fab one that sits above ground which you don't need planning permission for. And does anybody know what they cost and any good company that does them Thank you

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We are looking to sort out our internet and live on Camposol. Can anyone give their opinion as to which is better or a general comment, 'Telitec' or 'Compuserve'?

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I'm thinking of getting a solar panel fitted on my house in Sucina. Does anyone know of any good local installers in the area so that I could contact please?My neighbour is a bit wary about solar energy as he had his system fitted years ago and is still waiting to go to court to get his money back. I am aware that the industry has moved on since then but would appreciate any assistance in getting a reputable installer.:)

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Does anyone know where I can get a fridge re-gassed I believe its not the same gas as in air-con units.

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Does anyone know where we might be able to hire a sit-on mower or a petrol engine hover mower? We have a large expanse of grassland that needs to be cleared and the petrol strimmer we are using is hard work for such a large area.

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My laptop screen has gone blank but the power light is still on, have tried switching it of and on a couple of times but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get it looked at/repaired in or close to San Javier? Thanks

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My friend is here on 26th April for a couple of weeks and needs rejas fitting to a small bedroom window and patio door whilst she is here in Puerto Mazarron. Any suggestions for suppliers please, dont want someone who will take weeks. Thanks

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Is it possible to hire a skip out here and if so, is there anywhere near Mazarron I can get one?

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When did Don Bricolage close? I was in the car park above Mercadona Puerto Mazarron last night and the store is totally empty and locked up!

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My pool needs some TLC. Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonably priced company to inspect my pool?I live in Bolnuevo.Also, has anyone experience of AFM Glass media (instead of standard silica sand) and can recommend the additional cost?ThanksJon

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I purchased a Voltor petrol brush cutter from Leroy Merlin a couple of years back and so far it has worked fine. This year however it just will not start. Does anyone have any Tips to get it started or know of a place that I can have it serviced. I have replaced the spark plug and am getting a good spark. Thanks.

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Anyone here tried the new Worten stores yet? If so, how does their stuff compare to Media Markt and what are the prices like?

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For all those interested in gardening in Spain, there is now a Your Garden in Spain Blog here

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Hi, I wonder if anyone else has had this - I have 2 payments taken out of my bank from Iberdrola. One for Comercializacion and one for Generacion. These were taken out on the same day - anyone else had this? I've checked my statements and the Comercializacion is the usual monthly usage payment but I am confused about the other one!! Anyone help please? Thanks

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Question from Frelon: "My water company is Aquagest Levante. Anybody got any info on getting online facturas?" This link takes you to the page for registering on their website: http://www.aquagest-levante.es/ESP/35.asp. The services they list as available through registration are: Desde nuestra oficina virtual podrás llevar a cabo lo siguiente: With our virtual office you can perform the following: Contratar el suministro de agua. Contract the water supply. Consultar tu factura. Consult your bill. Duplicados de factura Duplicate invoice Consultar histórico de consumo Consult consumption history. Registrar lecturas de contador Record meter readings. Modificar tus datos de contrato. Edit your contract. Domiciliar los pagos. Debit payments. Pagar recibos Paying bills. Realizar consultas y sugerencias Queries and suggestions. Gestionar varios contratos Manage multiple contracts. Cambiar de titular. Change hands. Darte de baja del suministro. Unsubscribe supply.

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Does anyone know where I might buy a 4 slice toaster? My old 2 slice one has given up and I'd much prefer a 4 slice but haven't seen any.

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I've heard that you can now use other companies for your electricity so was wondering if anyone here has made the switch? What other companies are there and how do you go about changing?

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I arranged an electrcity contract with iberdrola when I moved into my house in June. I've noticed that, for some reason, they send me one bill of a normal amount(say 25€), then a second bill that says "sin consumo" for just a couple of euros. Obviously this isn't really a problem, it just doens't make sense as I am clearly using electric all the time, so it's not sin consumo... Anyway, just wondering if anyone knew why this might be happening and if anyone else gets the same thing. I could phone Iberdrola and ask, but I can't really be bothered...

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