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A new INFOrmation Page on Gota Fría Storms has been added to all Spanish sites. Learn about what to expect from these storms and what to do if you get caught in one. Gota Fría Storms in Spain Find out what we've added to the local information available to you on AngloINFO with What's New on AngloINFO

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Does anyone know the name and number of a reliable and proffesional satallite supplier/installer please.

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Does anyone have any details of where I can buy a Shower Door? I am having a wetroom built and want a full height shower door. I am in Camposol Many thanks Sue

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Hi I am looking for some information regarding the wiring in of an electric oven and hob. As electrical items are so expensive in Spain - if I was to bring them over from the UK would the wiring be the same as in Spain? Many thanks Sue

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Wheres the cheapest place to get pool supplies, is there anyone who does online shopping

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My fridge freezer has died- anyone out there know a repairman in the Camposol area?

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Does anyone know of a waterbed supplier in this area? We need to buy two new mattresses and can't find anyone to sell them to us! Thanks

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Does anyone know of anywhere in either Murcia or Cartagena that sells Le Creuset cookware? I have a couple of their pans I've had for years and would now like to get a full set.

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A dramatic announcement by the Mayor of San Pedro del Pinatar to members of ADAPT has finally put an end to months of anxiety for residents of El Mojon who were affected by the ´Ley de Costas´ ruling. At the ADAPT monthly meeting on the 6th of November Senor Garcia Ruiz spoke of his appreciation for the association in their work of integration into the ´ Pinatarense´ community. He then invited questions from the floor, which was a wonderful opportunity to air concerns and to find out about the future plans for San Pedro and it´s people. Amongst the worries expressed by ADAPT members was the urgent need for an interpreter at the health centre in San Pedro and another was whether there would be a public transport link to the new Mar Menor hospital. The Mayor explained that the health service is the responsibility of the Murcia regional government but that the Town Hall is trying to get funding for an English speaking interpreter which would help many European citizens. He said that he is confident that there would be no problem regarding a transport link from San Pedro and San Javier to the new hospital which would be called Hospital Mediterraneo. The highlight of the question time came when residents of El Mojon who were anxious about the future of their homes asked Senor Garcia if he had any update on the problem. The Mayor was delighted to announce that, as a result of the pressure the town hall has brought to bear on the Coastal Authority, the perimeter line has now been re-drawn so that houses in the town will no longer be affected. Furthermore, once this decision has been ratified the director of the Coastal Authority has agreed to visit San Pedro to hold an open meeting with the residents. After over an hour of questions and answers on a whole range of other issues, Senor Garcia Ruiz was presented with an invitation to the ADAPT Theatre group comedy show at Castelar College on the 3rd of December. He said ¨ I will be here, but only if I don´t have to act! ¨ The next meeting of ADAPT is on the 4th of December at 11am at Castelar College, San Pedro. For directions and other information see our website, www.adaptsanpedro.eu

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Can you help please? ALDI recently were selling canvas wardrobes for about 15€ each and they were ideal for storing winter/summer clothes when not in use, unfortunately I only bought one to try it and my wife sent me back this week for more......all gone in the ALDI in Campoamor, just wondering if anyone will be visiting an ALDI in the next few day, and could look if they had any there so I can go and get a couple more......or if anyone has some they want to sell then that would get me out of trouble too!! Thanks

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Can anyone recommend what is the best "Spanish" alternative to Polyfilla is, as there seems to be dozens of different tubes on the shelves. Thanks

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Have a problem with my Gas water heater can anyone recommend anyone Thanks

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Anyone know if it's possible to buy a rotary clothes dryer anywhere? Mazarron/Fuente Alamo area but will travel. Thanks.

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We live in Bahía in Puerto de Mazarrón and were flooded in September 2009. Just coming to the end of getting the house back to rights! The damage was not as bad as it was for many people and the compensation from the government was excellent. Not complaining. But we'd like to prevent it happening again. We need flood protection devices on our gates and so far have failed to find a supplier. Can anyone help, please?

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Can anyone help please. Ive live in Puerto Mazarron, I have a 1.8/1.9 dish, Sky plus box and full contract from Sky. The past 2 to 4 weeks the reception on ITV1 has been bad on 103 and even on the alternative 993. Now many channels are breaking up and ITV 103 is almost none existent. Ive re tuned loads of times to 12207 although it always bounces back to 11778 but most of the time it cant find any channels and says "no signal being received disconnect for 5mins blah blah" Whats happening?

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I have been meaning to post this for a while but have been busy. I recently bought my first home from Old Farmhouses and would like to recommend them to anyone looking to buy a property in this area. I was expecting buying a house to be a stressful experience, but the whole process was easy and quick. Right from the start, Barry only took us to see properties that suited our criteria- wheras other agents took us to see things that were the complete opposite of what we had asked for. Hope this helps anyone looking for a new home!

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Is there anyone out there that has bought on this urbanisation? Just interested in what people think of the area etc. Going over to take a look next week.

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Just wondering about my options for internet, I currently use the Orange Internet Everywhere Dongle but it doesn't offer the speed I'd like and its expensive for what I get. Does anyone know of anything better value? But it needs to work without a fixed line as I don't want a telephone line putting in.

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Hello all you gardeners out there! At some point in the future I want to set up a raised bed for vegetable growing in my garden. I think I'm going to need some top-soil to fill it, does anyone know where I'll be able to get it(preferably in sacks rather than in a big load, as I am going to have to carry whatever I buy up a slope and through the house to get to the garden). Or is top soil not the right thing to use? I have some home made compost that I'll be mixing in, but not enough! I am new to gardening in Spain and would welcome any advice(o this or any other gardening matters). B x PS. I'm trying to fill the rest of the garden with all kinds of plants, herbs and flowers to do a meditterrenean "cottage" garden. If anyone could spare cuttings or seeds for me, I have a few seeds-mainly veg- to swap and a magical money tree which you could take cuttings from.

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Hi, looking for some advice about bringing over my large, beautiful Japanese Acer plant to Spain. I was wondering - due to the hot and dry climate, compared with the UK - would it survive? Any advice welcome. Thanks

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