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Does Leroy Merlin sell patio heaters and the gas used for them?

started by: ladyspain · last update: 1285590538 · posted: 1285590538

Hi, we rent, so dont see our water bill as we are inclusive, but can anyone tell me what the cost of a unit of water is please. for my own calculations... Cant find it on Aguagest site, we are in the San javier area TIA

started by: beeman-470237 · last update: 1285368961 · posted: 1284714710

Hi I wondered if anyone can advise or help on geranium plants....not sure if I should let die off and leave in ground or pots for next year or take up and buy new ones last year, in previous houses I have had both but dont know how to tell difference ! Thank you

started by: beckm · last update: 1285278021 · posted: 1282078354

Can anyone tell me of somewhere that sells old doors, windows, shutters and rejas. Or maybe someone has some they want to sell? If so please contact via PM. Thanks

started by: Jad22 · last update: 1285267431 · posted: 1285267431

Does anyone know a washing machine repairer in or near Loa Alcazares?

started by: bigDon · last update: 1284801183 · posted: 1284652065

Just been reading that the IKEA catalogue is now available in English and can be picked up in-store.

started by: BoS-469787 · last update: 1284374540 · posted: 1284374540

Can anybody help regarding Security Alarms, what if any is there Spanish regulation in the fitting of alarms, need for registration and the required operation of same. If there is regulation would it apply to existing systems?. Would be most interested to hear. Thank you. Bos.

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Anybody got any comments good or bad regarding the Internet connection offer from Teleast i.e €20 pcm (no minimum contract duration or penalty) with just 2mb (perhaps 3mb soon), but unlimited usage?

started by: margsy · last update: 1284029569 · posted: 1268767999

Can anyone recommend a qualified gas installer who can put in a replacement gas hob for a reasonable cost? We are in the Mazarron area.

started by: BonBon-468545 · last update: 1283807769 · posted: 1283425475

Does anyone know where I can buy cheap but decent quality plastic glasses around Mazarron/Fuente Alamo or anywhere really?

started by: Thomas-465803 · last update: 1283456441 · posted: 1283431563

Hi, does anyone know where you find the fly screen kits in Leroy Merlin? I was in at the weekend and searched everywhere but could not see any.

started by: Monty-469157 · last update: 1283348697 · posted: 1282651114

Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere I can get two large rugs cleaned close to Mazarron/Totana or Fuente Alamo areas?

started by: DENBOY · last update: 1283168760 · posted: 1282940584

Hi,can anyone please tell me why the grout in my pool is going blue I am using the standard triple action tablets and the dip stick test shows all is well.

started by: sidyid-468260 · last update: 1283167831 · posted: 1283167831

Hi, does anyone know of a company that will empty a septic tank for a reasonable price, I am being quoted 500€. 968631008

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Does anyone know where i can get repairs and service on a sewing machine . i am nr Fuente Alamo

started by: dthomas-470413 · last update: 1283115590 · posted: 1283032256

We would like someone to does some plastering or Yesso in our house, please send contact number for further information and to submit a quote. Thank you

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Can anyone help please? I have a sat dish 1.3 high and 1.2 wide, the question is this, will I get anymore channels on this dish than on the 80cm dish I have now? If not, can any experts tell me what I need to get some more UK channels....free-to-air or whatever its called? Thanks

started by: sean96c-469162 · last update: 1282931618 · posted: 1282931618

hello we currently use the teleast system for our TV needs and want to install a satellite dish, we live in Los Alcazares, before we commit to which size we need we would like anyone who has a dish in this area to tell us if they can receive RTE 1 & 2 on a 1.8 or 1.9 dish, we understand that we will need a sky card and sky box but some people seem to think that we may need a 2.4 dish while others say a 1.9 will do, we would appreciate someone who is receiving these channels in this area to help us out with this info as the price difference is pretty big thanks in advance, Sean laholidays@gmail.com or 638704744

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Is it possible to grow your own grapes in your garden, If so, where do I start? Not looking for a whole vineyard, just a couple of vines for my personal use.

started by: beckm · last update: 1282123850 · posted: 1282123850

I love gardening, all kinds of things from flowers to vegetables, and have just bought my first house which has a garden which needs doing up from scratch. I am doing everything on a budget so wondered if any gardeners out there have any plants/cuttings they'd be happy to share with me. I have some seeds I could give in return. Hoping to hear from you! Beck

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