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My neighbours have just arrived for holidays, and found that their palm tree has been infected. They were going to cut it down and dispose of it down the rambla, but I think that this is illegal?? Does anyone know of someone who can do this legally - they live in Camposol Thanks in advance Sandy

started by: Jilly-464782 · last update: 1281348395 · posted: 1280937553

I've been having problems recently with the plughole in my shower. I've managed to clear all the hair etc out but it's still not draining properly. Can anyone recommend a good drain cleaner I can buy to get it fully cleaned.

started by: Monty-469157 · last update: 1280488908 · posted: 1280224357

Is it possible to get grow bags out here? I don't have a garden but would love to plant my own tomatoes.

started by: Judy-470147 · last update: 1279721722 · posted: 1279119493

Does anyone know of a good non-chemical way to whiten sheets and towels? I always wash on the lowest temperature but find that after a while and especially during the summer months that they tend to look very drab.

started by: Judy-470147 · last update: 1279721224 · posted: 1279534673

I need some new lamp shades for a couple of lamps I've had for years, does anyone know where I can buy just the shade?

started by: jonjon2010 · last update: 1279574987 · posted: 1279192973

I want to install a simple AC in our kitchen and maybe one in the bedroom. Can anyone recommend a good installer or company who charges reasonably (Spanish prices not English prices)? Puerto de Mazarron, Bolnuevo actually. Thanks

started by: Chas-464880 · last update: 1279543996 · posted: 1279189482

I'm looking to buy an HD Freesat box, does anyone know where sells them?

started by: Pat OHara · last update: 1279472110 · posted: 1279472110

Can anyone recommend someone to quote for and install an automatic irrigation system in a garden on El Alcolar, P de Mazarron ?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1279288889 · posted: 1279108481

Does anyone know where I could pick up a large quantity of sodium bisulphate?

started by: jnrchrdsn · last update: 1279288635 · posted: 1255960360

I have an old farm house near Mula, Murcia, which has 6,500 sq.m of land that needs rotovating. Does anyone know where I can purchase a two wheeled tractor, preferably second hand?

started by: Sasha-468487 · last update: 1279114120 · posted: 1279107184

Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to buy stuff to make my own mosquito screens? If so, where is best for a cheap price? I live close to La Manga but don't mind travelling a little. Any help/advice much appreciated.

started by: davieschurch · last update: 1279056519 · posted: 1279027148

Anyone know what's going on with the water supply at campsol? We had none all day Sunday then on for just a couple of hours Sunday night then nothing since Monday morning! Any info anyone?

started by: dicdandoo-463925 · last update: 1279017604 · posted: 1279017604

Does anyone know why the water keeps getting turned off on Camposol?

started by: mondsmum · last update: 1278971658 · posted: 1278971658

Hi can anyone reccommend an engineer who would come out to look at my faulty Aspes dishwasher, Puerto de Mazarron area. Hopefully it only needs an expert to sort the problem /replace a part. Thanks ....

started by: beeman-470237 · last update: 1278720032 · posted: 1278720032

Would be interested in contacting or speaking to anyone with an interest or a keeper of bees, I am one myself and want to get to know any others who maybe around the area - also if anyone has any problems with bees or wasps please contact me and I will be happy to offer advice or helpHappy Summer

started by: 2ofus-469748 · last update: 1278527018 · posted: 1278515684

Does anyone know a reliable washing machine engineer living on or near Camposol?

started by: Pete & Lynne · last update: 1278429953 · posted: 1278429953

Hiya Does anyone have a watermaid chloro/salt pool, I need to have a look at cleaning one. Thanks

started by: dev dutt · last update: 1278346478 · posted: 1278241549

Need quotation for pansonic or good make fitted at condo de alhama narangos resort near mazrron. one new unit. contact via Email or 0044 9717 100 273.

started by: beckm · last update: 1277928708 · posted: 1277928708

Hi We are going to be needing various bits and pieces to do up our new place and I am interested to know if there is anywhere within, say 20/30 mins drive of Murcia City that sells old doors, railway sleepers etc. Currently I am particularly looking for a two leaf(thats probably not how you say it in english I will try to explain better if anyone can help!) door to fit width 119cm x height 211cm and a piece of sleeper of 170cm in length. If anyone can point me in the right direction or has anything that may be of interest please get in touch either via PM or reply here. Cheers- Beck

started by: adeledogs · last update: 1277510164 · posted: 1277510164

Hi, Does anyone know of a good washing machine repair person/shop in the Mazarron area. It is an Edesa. Think it needs a new circuit board. Thank you Adele

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