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has anyone got a working boiler for sale, internal or external in the Mazarron area

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The property we are in has a telefonica landline to it but it was disconnected when the previous tenants did not want it. Has anyone any idea of the cost involved in having it reconnected and how to go about it. Or is there a better alternative. thanks

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Anyone any idea what sort of price you would expect to pay for a simple alarm system that is fitted professionally and is connected directly to the alarm company. We have had a quote but it seems a bit pricey

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Good morning to all. I am the organizer of Green Fingers on Camposol and I am asking residents for there help.We have been working to improve the perimeter of the sector by clearing & laying membrane and gravel.Your help is now required to water the plants near where your live and also to look in your garden to see if you can donate 1 plant.Please feel free to adopt a section of perimeter to keep clear of weeds and water and plant your donation.If you require assistance to relocate plants from your garden please contact me and I will try to get help from the volunteers.Know its your turn to help maintain e and improve Camposol.

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Hi everyone, I am just about to complete on the purchase of a property in Blanca, and as we will be doing a fair amount of work/have a garden to clear we need to find out about where we can dispose of all the rubbish, and perhaps how much it would be to hire a skip. Any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon, Beck

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Can anyone suggest who in the San Javier area sells log/wood burners, anyone had one fitted.. recommendations...

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does anyone know who to contact to get rid of a wasps nest?

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Hi - can anyone advise where I can get hold of geranium plants - I have been to two garden centres near Puerto and no luck...............thanks

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Can anyone recommend someone who could remove a large Pheonix Palm on Camposol. Obviously it is going to cost me but have been quoted a rip-off price by a "Tree Surgeon". Appreciate your help as have only been here one month so still finding my way.

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warningwe rented a cibeles on d on the main drag in which a rental period was agreed for a year plus at 650 a month we have been there 27 day in which we have had bad flood in the property which has been on ongoing problem which we were not notified of, a flooded underbuild due to a rusty ball cock installed in the reserve tanks so never reset it self when refilling subsequently we complained we have paid within these 27 days a total of 1150 euros to find out when i left the house to pick up my children from school 3 of which attend el pareton and get my 16 month old daughter my so called friendly landlord has change every lock on the property. He then refused to answer the phone which left myself and my 4 children homeless he has now agreed to let me obtain my childrens clothes and my furniture etc from the property one day from now. He has no reason in which to do this and put a family on the street and i have sought legal advice which states they rented the house illegally i was left destitute with no clothes nappies or food for my children and i don't drive. We had verbal agreement of deposit and rent and this still happens. i dont think legally i can mention on a forum which property this is but before u look to rent please check who u rent off as sometimes the nicest people can be the worst. if anyone wants any more info please email.

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I live on Camposol and I am wondering if anyone has come up with a way of lining interior walls to stop condensation forming on them. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

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anybody know how much it costs to get a mobile air con unit regassed?

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Ive always had a woodlice problem at my house but this year I'm just not winning the battle against them, there are millions. Any suggestions please?

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does anyone know of someone who services air conditioning units in the Mazarron area and the approximate cost involved

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I have an almond tree that is sweating a sticky liquid that is so bad all the gravel sticks to your shoes, is this normal or do I have a problem? I'm quite new to spain and its flora.

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I'm in need of a couple of new beds and a put-me-up type contraption. Can anyone recommend a shop. I seem to remember there was one in Totana that was english run? location Mazarron-Totana-Murcia-Cartagena Thanks.

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Hiya does anyone know where I can hire or borrow a upholstery cleaner,thanks

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Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my OS to Windows 7 but would like to know if anyone here has been using it for a while and what their opinion of it is, good or bad. I'm currently using Vista (as it came with the machine) but I hate it. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Apologies if this is a silly question but can anyone please tell me if there is such a thing as carpet stores in Spain? I live in Dolores but can travel easily to the big cities.

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Has anyone had the same problem as us? we declared the covering and glazing in, of our porch to the local town-hall and asked for a Nil Infraction. They came back with threats of demolition and large fines. We live in Murcia region and we know that there is a law that states the following, If the work was done more than 4 years ago and you can prove it, then there should be no infraction. We found a solicitor who is based in Murcia but has offices in other towns, he is Spanish but speaks English and because he doesn't have local connections he is not biased toward the town-hall. We had problems with the town-hall because they refused to accept our bills as evidence. Luckily we had a good solicitor who was very supportive and helped us to take the town-hall to court. We won our case, and although we were unable to claim costs it was much cheaper than paying the fine. Our glazes terrace is now legal. If anyone who lives in the Murcia region finds themselves in a similar dilemma, send me an e-mail and I will give you the name and number of the solicitor.

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