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Hi new here, I am bringing some stuff from England to Malaga in box van and will be going back empty through France to Le Havre in a few weeks.   If anyone would like to share the space please PM me.  Space both ways, anywhere enroute'ish fine.  

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Vic Heaney posted on 09/06/2009 at 17:18 I shall be walking from my current home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where I was born, in Blackpool, Lancashire. I plan to take 70 days for the walk and to arrive 70 years, to the day, after I was born. I will be walking an average of 30 kms a day, 6 days a week, for 10 weeks. If anybody wants to follow my planning, preparations, training, and eventually the walk itself (starts on May 15th 2010) my blog address is: www.vicsbigwalk.blogspot.com Any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received. Vic Heaney

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I am really struggling with the old idea that Spain is cheaper to live in than the UK. Our electric and water charges are high. We seem to be taxed for everything we buy, alter in our homes, or sell. I am starting to feel we are being taken for a bit of a ride here. The local town halls have never had it so good. Unless you smoke and drink yourself to an early grave I am really having some doubts. Remind me again everyone why we all made the move! I could have the rainy day blues mind you, no sun for 3 or 4 days now!

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I know we are all obsessed with the weather but I am glad that it looks like we are on the up and up. Nothing worse than hearing how sunny it is in the UK and we have had nothing but cloud off and on for nearly two weeks. Fingers crossed thats it now for a long time. What is it about us Brits that we make it our main topic of conversation!

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At a party the other night there was a discussion about the first hit this female artist sang, can anyone remember what it was? Need to settle this.

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