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Hi ...anyone.... we have a snake which has got into our laundry room, we have shut the door to protect the dogs and cats but have no idea what to do with it or whether we should even consider going to sort it out... eeek.. help urgently please if anyone knows what to do x

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Can anyone advise on going back to the Uk with a small dog for a couple of months? E.g. Which airport,airline ball park figure or ferry?

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Seeking homes for 3 Amstaff Pups. Born August 2014, all happy and playful and in a Shelter in Totana, Murcia.  Betty is in the photo, her brother Birk is black and white and the other Bob, same colour as Betty.  On adoption they will have relevant documents and be up to date with their vaccinations.  Adoption fee applies.  Please contact:  adoptions.no@iara-alliance.org   https://www.facebook.com/iara.alliance/photos/a.1588993127996611.1073742239.1413401228889136/1588994294663161/?type=3&theater  

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Fifi is currently in foster home with Michelle & Richard (on Camposol, near Mazarron, Murcia) until the beginning of March when they have to return to the UK. With your help we hope to find Fifi her forever home (or a foster home from March) in Spain so that she doesn’t have to return to the shelter as she doesn’t cope well there. This little mite truly deserves a lucky break and her time to shine. Please read her story and even if you can’t help her please share in the hope that someone will ..... Fifi, 1 year old teeny tiny crossbreed girlie Fifi is a real teeny tiny cutie – weighing just 4/5 kilos! Fifi and her two brothers were rescued by a local man in February 2014 when they were just 8 weeks old. They had not had human contact and were so timid that he had to use a trap to catch them to bring them into rescue. Fifi was living at a very busy multi-dog shelter – she loved running around in the garden with the other dogs, playing chase and could hold her own with them, but she struggled with the human contact side of things. Fifi recently moved to a quiet foster home so that her trust with people can be developed further. She is living with two other female dog companions, Molly & Bella. She loves to play and often tries to get one of the girls to join in. She also loves her walks and is particularly attached to Molly. She will sit by the front door when she knows it’s ‘walkies’ time and once out and about she will wag her tail for all it’s worth! She is walked on an extender lead and has been off lead in very safe/rural areas, but she could be spooked and has bolted so her safety will be paramount when she is homed. A great deal of trust and confidence will need to be built before she can be an off lead dog, if at all. Fifi also loves her food which will help with her training and progression. She is particularly partial to a piece of toast at breakfast time! She is also to be found sitting nearby in the kitchen whenever there is cooking underway. We think she has quickly mastered the food routines! Fifi’s fosterers have started to take Fifi out in the car - she gets in and out and travels in the foot well. Her house-training is a work in progress and will need work. She has also started to venture onto the sofa to join her fosterer and doggie foster friends and will curl up next to Molly and rest her head on her. When her fosterers have retired to the bedroom Fifi loves to secretly run up and down the sofa too! Fifi has come a long way, but still has a long way to go before she completely relaxes and starts to enjoy life to the full. Fifi is extremely nervous of people and will need to go to a very caring, patient and loving home where she will be given time to find her feet and learn to trust. She is still extremely hand shy, shows no malice, but is just scared.  We are looking for a home with a dog friend for Fifi to bond with and take the lead from. A companionship home i.e. no-full time workers please and a fully secured garden.  Fifi is vaccinated, micro-chipped & spayed.  Do you think you are the special person/s Fifi needs to make her smile 24/7? If so, please contact Noah’s Arc Dog Rescue (near Mazarron, Murcia) – Tel: 699 352 818, or you can email to web@noahsarcmurcia.com  Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check.  

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I'm wishing you the Best Christmas Ever! So turn the volume up and hit play .... it's time to get festive with only a little over 6 weeks to go! http://youtu.be/vBhzTiWmqdA Why not consider sending this e-card to your friends, family and work colleagues this Christmas? Use it to show them & the Noah's ARC dogs that you care. It was made for you and for you to share! We hope you enjoy it and if you use it perhaps you will consider making a "Seasonal Donation" to Noah ARC (a registered charity) so that they can continue their work saving sick and injured dogs. Donations can be made by PayPal by visiting their website at: www.noahsarcmurcia.com Thank you Sharon - Always for the Animals

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Hi I'm looking for either someone to to look after my 3 dogs over Xmas and new year or anyone know of kennels that may have availability? My dogs are very friendly and get on with other dogs. I have 2 beagles both under 1 year old and a pug who is a year old. All fully vaccinated and microchipped.        

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Last Saturday September 7th, two male chocolate Labradors, Benji and Dougi, sneaked out of the gate, and are now lost somewhere in the Roda, Los Alcazares areas.  These are adored family pets and not used to being out on their own.  Their canine friends are pining, and their humans are beside themselves with worry.  Can you help find them please, look in garages, outhouses, if you hold keys for neighbours who have recently gone home, check that they haven’t gone in unnoticed.  They are beautiful good natured, chipped, and castrated adult males. We are desperate to find them and a reward will be given when they are returned, or for information leading to their safe return Please telephone  697 427 119 or 672 222  535

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Hello, Could anyone please assist me in trying to rehome my to gorious cats? I am repatriating to the UK in the coming months. I have visited the vets in the Port of Mazarròn and in Camposol, and niether know of any charity that finds new, caring homes for cats? There are a good number for dogs but cats it seems none so far into my search?   Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be moving toward the end of August.   Many thanks in anticipation of any information.  

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hi all, does anyone know of a siberian husky breeder in murcia, if so i would appreciate a contact, many thanks. john. tel: mob 695 289 472 or landline : 868 181 125.

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Please consider using the Noah's ARC Christmas e-card this Christmas instead of sending paper cards. Just make a donation via their website and send the link to your loved ones and show them that you care. Here is it: http://youtu.be/HmFvMqEKN2k

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Can anyone tell me the best airline and destination into Murcia? I was thinking of Monarch to Murcia from Gatwick. I will actually be travelling from Devon to La Union. I could use Alicante if need be. Thanks Mal Burgess

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In 2009 we flew Gatwick to Murcia with our dog with Monarch and Iberia.   Does anyone know the current price of a dog fare under 10kg?   We have the travelling basket.

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http://www.borm.es/borm/documento?obj=anu&id=568775   Please all of you with animals read the above, you will need to translate. This is the offical notice of measures now in place

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Our family dog has gone missing, on Saturday 8th June from Los Ruices area, Mazarron....She answers to the name of Simba, 4 years old, mixed medium sized dog, sandy colour with red collar, distintive markings...a poor hair cut...as she attacks the grommer (which is now me), stump no tail, and her ears when alert stand upright..she is also chipped....we miss her so much and so does her partner in crime.....for any more info or sightining please call 677 281 280! Many Thanks

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Just sat in my garden and saw the arrival of a large group of common swifts in Blanca - these birds migrate here every summer and I find them quite amazing to watch as they zoom around the skies. Also heard a cuckoo this morning! Now, I'm waiting for the Bee eaters to get here. Does anyone else here enjoy birdwatching?

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Hi, Can anyone tell me a rough estimate oF how much vetscharge for spaying a medium size dog please Thanks Jane  

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Hi. We are planning to move from UK to Costa Calida next July and bring with us our Greyhound. Quotes so far from Logostics Companies to transport him by air are coming in at between £975.00 and £1250.00. Has anyone experienced exporting a large dog to Spain recently? Any help and advice would be gratefully received. I don't want to drive/export a car!. Thanks.

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Hi, Can anyone advise me on where I can buy Frontline (flea control) and Drontal (worming tablets) for dogs and cats in the Mazarron area please.Not seen any pet shops? Do I need to go to a vet? Any idea on prices please.Having problems getting deliveries from UK.ThanksCat.

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Volunteers at the MABS Cancer Support Group’s Cancer Centre in San Javier were bemused when a stray dog trotted around the retail area. Customers and volunteers made a fuss of him and then he trotted off to the furniture shop next door for some more attention. Efforts were made to try and find an owner, but his rather confused state indicated that he could be in need of a loving home. Volunteer and dog lover, Jo Buckle, took him to the vet to discover that he wasn’t chipped and he was covered in fleas, so she decided to take him home and make him more comfortable, while they tried to find him a home.  After a night of intense bathing and combing, the little chap was a completely different dog and stole the hearts of Jo and hubby, Peter, who decided to keep him. They returned to the vet to have him wormed, vaccinated and chipped and he has a new name – Dillon. “We hadn’t planned to have a dog,” said Jo “but he quickly stole his way into our hearts and we couldn’t bear to part with him. He’s a lovely, friendly little guy and I can’t understand why he was just abandoned. We are very happy to have him as part of the family.” Dillon has settled in very well to his new home.   MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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I have heard that there will be an anti bullfight protest on 12th august in Blanca - is anyone going?

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