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Can anyone tell me where I can go to purchase a new wet suite around Fuente Alamo, Mazarron, Totana areas?

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For those that are interested, we have received confirmation that the next guided tour of the mines will be Saturday 27 March. Further details can be found in our What's On guide here What's On: Saturday 27 March 2010

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Can anyone tell me how to get the 30% discount for the horse show this weekend?

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Can anyone tell me if I'll find home gym equipment in the likes of Decathelon?

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Does anyone know if there are any caravan clubs in the local area i have a motor home and would like to contact like minded people

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Does anyone know if there is a cycle accessories and spares shop at Mazarron or at the Port.

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For those that are interested, we have received confirmation that the next guided tour of the mines will be Sunday 21st February. Further details can be found in our What's On guide here What's On: Sunday 21 February 2010

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hi whats the best way to get their from mazarron and any suggestions on the best place to go walking

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Can anyone give me an idea of berthing costs for Mazarron port? I'm looking at buying a yacht around 40ft.

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Has anyone been to this before and is it worth a visit... how much does it cost to get in?

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Are there any municipal tennis courts or any urbanizations where my son could play tennis when he is next back out on holiday from University? Don't mind if he has to pay a one off court fee. Alternatively, anybody around 21 who is looking for a sporadic tennis partner?!

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Has anyone here done the guided tour of the Mines in Mazarron? I've seen it advertised in the what's on section and wanted to know if it's worth the trip as I'd be travelling from La Manga area.

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I am trying to organise a golfing holiday for myself and 9 mates (two cars). I have looked at using one of the official tour operators but would like to compare this with doing it on my own. We are thinking of a week in March next year and getting in at least 4 courses. Can anyone recommend car hire, the best courses and where to stay. We would prefer to stay in the same accomodation and have good entertainment within walking distance. There are a lot of courses available so any guidance would be appreciated.

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Is there such a thing as public swimming pools here in Spain? If so, does anyone know of any near Fuente Alamo/Mazarron areas?

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After a break for Christmas and the New Year, members of ADAPT Association of San Pedro are all eagerly looking forward to 2010 and all the activities and projects that are in the pipeline. Lots of people have enquired about the Rambling group over the holiday and we are pleased to announce that the first outing will take place on January 22nd for Embalse de la Pedrera. This is a 33km drive which will take around 45 minutes, leaving from the Casino car park, San Pedro, at 9am. Jenni will be the guide for the walk around the lake which will cost 3 euro for members and 5 euro for non-members. For more information on the walk Tel. 965 352 875 / 628 833 755 or e-mail suzanholmes@yahoo.com Alternatively visit our website at www.adaptsanpedro.eu or Tel. Enid Winskill 966 746 662

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PALS President Ken Payne was not optimistic about the number of swimmers who would participate at this year's swim. "What with the la crisis economica, the recession and the bad weather, I predict there will only be about 14 entrants", he said. Vice President Pat Firth seemed to agree with him. As it turned out, the weather was terrible. A westerly wind was blowing the cold waters of the Atlantic into the Med and the rollers were steaming (coldly) up Playa Bahia in Puerto de Mazarrón. The Protección Civil and the Cruz Roja, who were on hand, would not allow the swimmers into the sea passed their waists. In the event, PALS (Protection and LifeSaving) had a near record TWENTY SIX swimmers – although almost half the numbers came from the Stocks family! There were two German gentlemen, Michael Schablow and Kai Rohde Brandonburger (apologies if the spelling is wrong), Sylvie, Karen and Mark Stocks, Sara Bartlett, Sophie and Tracey Harper, June Poole, Chris Marks (who it is rumoured to have raised over 500€ with the kind help and permission of Denise at Quicksave, Camposol B), Alison Ferrari and Emily Hemmington, Tina Turner**, Jon Thompson, Peter Lilly (another big fund raiser), Dave and Maureen Peck, Harrison and Max Lee with friend Harry Tickner, Richard Kemp, Bill Locker, Paul Spear Mike Broom, Dave Pugh and Keith Harrison (** Billy Moore). The wind was so strong that the PALS volunteers had to move coffee, brandy and soup stalls to Calle Noruega. Thanks to Sheila, Marion (welcome back), Maureen, Dennis and Carole and the other helpers. A number of "Tell the Doctor" books were also sold on the day. The swim started at 1 pm and the twenty-six raced slowly into the freezing water with Protección Civil, in wet suites it has to be said, making sure no one went too deep. Ten to fifteen minutes was all the time spent in temperatures of around 10°C. Congratulations to all the swimmers. It is too early to predict the total amount but it is hoped that over 2000€ will be raised to buy additional medical and lifesaving equipment in the Mazarrón area. Tickets for the St Valentine's Day Black and White Night at Bali Hi (ex-Rumours) and all other events can be got outside The Steak Out Bar, Sector B, every Saturday from 11 am to 1.30 pm or from ant Committee Member, contact number 628 879 284 or visit www.pals.com.es. Also, an apology to Jenny Pullen and others who were missed off the "Thank You" list of helpers at the Christmas Ball. See our website for the photos: http://www.pals.com.es/photoGallery.html

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I am a beginner in golf and am looking for a lady with whom I can regularly practice with. I live in the San Pedro area. I have been going to Sierra Golf club but that is quite a long way from here and there are no real beginner ladies playing there. I have had lessons but need to get out and have a game! Anybody out there who is interested? Gabitz

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The Ramblers of ADAPT exchanged their walking gear for best bib and tucker when they celebrated Christmas at La Tasca, Cabo Roig. It´s been a very successful year for the ADAPT Ramblers. Rapidly growing in number, members have embarked on some interesting trips and have exciting plans for 2010. The club is taking a break for Christmas and the New Year but will be eager to walk off the excesses of the Christmas holiday break on the 22nd when an outing is planned to Embalse de la Pedrera. This is a guided walk and will cost 3euro. Ramblers will leave the car park opposite the Casino/Florida Blanca restaurant, San Pedro, at 9am for the 33k drive. Other trips planned for 2010 include the River Seco at Campoverde, Pinarde Perdiz, Portman and La Mata nature reserve with other walks in between which are to be announced. For further information on the Ramblers group and other ADAPT groups, go to http://www.adaptsanpedro.eu/ New members always welcome.

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hi thinking of going on a cruise. has anyone been on one from spain

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Diane Rippon came up with the idea in 2000. The first New Year's Day Swim took place on 1 January 2001 and raised 405€. The next swim was on 1/1/2004 and the funds went up to 564€. Diane was usually the highest sponsored person. In 2007 she raised 960€ on her own! However, in 2008 she was beaten by Peter Lilley who was sponsored for 980€. The amount of money collected has gone up and up. The record stands at 2951€ in 2006. This year, possibly due to La Crisis Economica, only 2347€ went into the pot. The number of swimmers is fairly constant with 20 to 25 hardy souls entering the sea at Playa Bahia at 1 pm on New Year's Day. Two year's ago a contingent of Dutch swam and Cllr Jackie Gálvez is a perennial. This year Harrison Lee was the youngest. He has already filled his sheet with names for next (this) year. Coffee, soup and brandy (0.50€) is served to the large crowd that gathers for the first social event of the year. The drinks are FREE to the swimmers. Sponsor forms are available from Committee Members and at the Steak Out Restaurant on Sector B, Camposol on Saturdays between 11 am and 1.30 pm.Contact Pat on 628 879 284 or Tony on 968 15 84 07. For more information on PALS (Protection and LifeSaving) go to www.pals.com.es.

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