started by: dannyboy-463701 · last update: 1251192402 · posted: 1250963248

I am interested in rugby and was wondering if there was anywhere I could join for training nothing too serious mind.

started by: Pat O'Hara · last update: 1250501128 · posted: 1249413709

Hi, Does anybody have any information on anybody that does beginners sailing courses in the area. We are really keen to give it a try and are looking for a 1/2 day course. Any information to point me in the right direction would be a help as I can't find anything on the internet. Thanks a Million, Sue

started by: Thomas-465803 · last update: 1250082112 · posted: 1250075651

Does anyone know where I can get tickets for the Grand Prix in Valencia?

started by: Ted-468045 · last update: 1249664891 · posted: 1249559249

I have some friends coming over in a couple of weeks who are keen fishermen. With the lovely weather over here, they have suggested we try deep sea fishing. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

started by: Chas-464880 · last update: 1249409692 · posted: 1248099136

Where is the best place to buy bicycles for myself and my two oldest kids? Don't mind if it's new or second hand, just need a good price.

started by: blueflorrie-467156 · last update: 1249303828 · posted: 1249150750

I am thinking of starting up a Golf Holiday UK business, organising Golf Societies or Parties, wanting a golf break in the UK. Would there be any interest? All I would need is number in party, budget per person, length of stay, handicaps etc. and I would find a good deal for them, including flights, car hire, hotel, and reduced golf fees. I would deal in specialist things too - physically handicapped, special diets, birthday celebrations etc. I would be interested in hearing anyones comments Thanks

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1248463816 · posted: 1222079298

Has any one decided to walk in the Espunas and eat at the Mariposa Restaurant afterwards, for this Thursday 25th Sept. Will it be cool enough? and is it meeting at 10am?

started by: blueflorrie-467156 · last update: 1247324144 · posted: 1246170981

I am moving to Costa Calida in September and have recently been there looking for golf courses. Why is it so costly to join a club (been quoted anything from 2100E - 3500E per annum, plus a playing fees of anything to 5E - 7E each time you play. Its ridiculous. Can anyone tell me of a golf course that has more realistic annual fees (I know about Sierra Golf) that actually want business. Failure will result in giving up the game which I really dont want to. Any help would be greatly appreciated

started by: Barney-468077 · last update: 1247053288 · posted: 1246900422

Does anyone know if it's possible to get Climalite clothing in sports shops over here?

started by: Chas-464880 · last update: 1247050339 · posted: 1246904149

I have seen posters for the Supercross in Fuente Alamo this Saturday 11th but it doesn't seem to say where it is. Can anyone help as I'd love to take the kids along?

started by: Mitch-466445 · last update: 1247048453 · posted: 1246966153

I've just been reading on the Barcelona site that part of the Tour de France will be there this Thursday and Friday. http://barcelona.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhat.asp?cat=4 I'd love to go up so was wondering if anyone has ever taken the train to Barcelona, how long does it take?

started by: Thomas-465803 · last update: 1246823457 · posted: 1246638205

My neighbour told me he read something somewhere about evening boat trips in Cartagena, he couldn't remember the details so I said I would ask here. Does anyone know anything about these trips as my wife would love to go on one?

started by: jdm-465057 · last update: 1243677125 · posted: 1243677125

Does anyone have any details of the yoga classes in Bolnuevo. I think its run by a couple two or three times a week and a couple of sessions a night? Thanks.

started by: dicdandoo-463925 · last update: 1243181168 · posted: 1243179697

Following a recent meeting, for anyone that lives on the Camposol Urb, Nr Mazarron. Sector C, has formed a gardening and social club to help tidy, weed and plant on the roundabouts and perimeters. They meet Monday and Wednesday Mornings 9am - 11am, and meet at the postbox roundabout on sector c. Please bring along a green jacket (for your safety), water and any gardening tools you may need.The more people that come along the quicker things will get done.To raise funds, a social evening has been arranged for 2nd June, at the Golf Club, with a free prize draw for a Spa treatment. There will be a live band. Tickets are 5 euro and everyone is welcome. Anyone who requires further info please email me and I can put you in touch with the right person.

started by: Toby-463674 · last update: 1242687450 · posted: 1242686748

Hi, I would love to buy the kids a trampoline this summer that has an enclosure with it. Can anyone give me any ideas as the best place to go and buy one and not too expensive. Many thanks

started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1242215587 · posted: 1242215587

For anyone interested in Sevillanas Classes, names and numbers are now being taken for the next 8 week course at the Centro Polivalente, Cañadas del Romero, near Mazarron. For further information telephone 660 384 778.

started by: Geo.restin · last update: 1241645274 · posted: 1241636882

Does anyone know of a web site that lists the cruise ships calling into Cartagena and the dates and times there of.

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1241642554 · posted: 1210243832

Has anyone visited the mines in Mazarron? I wonder if its safe to take children?? Health & Safety over here isn`t the same as the UK.

started by: carley-462996 · last update: 1241642379 · posted: 1214038717

Can anyone tell me if its now open? The future mother in law is visiting and I need to fill up the days, more time out, less time her checking out my standards of cleanliness.

started by: Allie-467113 · last update: 1240853221 · posted: 1239794871

Hi, I'm new to this region and wondered if there are any walking groups I could join?

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