FREE AYURVEDA Workshops Open call out to the community:

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FREE AYURVEDA Workshops Open call out to the community:we are looking for venues (weekdays & weekends) that would like to host a FREE or FREE by donation AYURVEDA workshop

What are these workshops about:an “Introductory Workshop to AYURVEDA” and if you are concerned about your personal health this will be if interest to you

if you would like to host a workshop please contact us:                      email [email protected] / whatsapp 618-317-184 / t.628-064-279 /facebook pm: amrita Ayurveda / for more about us:

What is AYURVEDA? How it can prevent disease! Come find out what this more than 1,500 year old science and art of well-being AYURVEDA (a sister science of yoga) has to offer. Come to understand and enjoy the benefits of AYURVEDA – these WORKSHOPs while in a group gathering will have very personal relevance for you

ABOUT YOUR SPEAKER: Valeria has arrived in Marbella from Canada within the last year. While owing for 9 years a yoga studio in Vancouver Canada, Amrita Ayurveda was born from a realization that Valeria witnessed, that not only did many people come to yoga to have their souls nurtured but that they had many digestive and other long-term rooted health-mind-body issues that require a very personalized and individual approach to one’s well-being. This realization was deepened by her own personal digestive challenges that western well-being could not fully help without substantial side effects.