Licensed psychotherapist, certified couples therapist Marbella


Are you suffering from stress, emotional pain, anger issues, anxiety, depression, grief or relationship problems? Licensed psychotherapist and couples & family therapist with 19 years of experience in counselling of individuals and couples.

I have helped clients from various cultures and with different sexual orientations and have worked in a variety of settings. I have been in private practice since 2002. I have a variety of approaches to addressing the specific problems facing each individual and couple. The optimal approach varies by situation. Please feel free to consult me on what is the best option for you.

Daytime and evening appointments are available. Single consulting sessions are also possible.

The office is located close to the centre of Marbella and easily accessible from nearby villages in the Costa del Sol. The location is also visible on Google maps. Free street parking is available.

Please visit the website or contact me for more information:

Phone: +34 646 051 435


Work experience:

June 2002-present: Private Practice -  Intake, diagnostics and treatment of individual clients with burnout, stress, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, bereavement, grief, anger issues, trauma, relationship and work related problems; Treatment of couples with for instance, problems related to extramarital affairs, problems with children or parent, expat problems, sexual problems, infertility problems, IVF, loss of family members, specific LGBT-issues. Short and long term treatment

1997-2010: Several health support agencies - Intake, diagnostics and treatment of individual clients, couples, and families; Short and long term treatment of clients with axis I (DSM) diagnostics (anxiety, depression, bereavement etc), personality disorders, couples’ and family problems


March 2013-present: Lecturing Emotionally Focused Couples therapy at post masters psychotherapy licensing program in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Rino South) and assisting at Advanced Emotionally Focussed Couples therapy trainings in the USA, The Netherlands, Norway and Romania.

November 2014: Certified as an EFT supervisor (ICEEFT, Canada)

November 2007-March 2012: training and supervision in EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) in California, US (Alliant University).

March 2012: Certification as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and ICEEFT approved EFT supervisor-in training

April 2006-January 2010: Post-masters education in Psychotherapy (Rino South; Eindhoven) with specialisation in Couple and Family Therapy. Certified by NVRG (Dutch Society for family and Couples Therapy) as a Couples and Family Therapist (number: 12104). Certified by the government as a Psychotherapist; BIG number: 09912682316

June 2004 and May 2005: Training in Family Therapy from Maurizio Andolfi, trained Child Psychiatrist and internationally renowned Master Family Therapist, in Rome, Italy with a group of international psychotherapists. Working with genograms and `professional handicaps`

2002-March 2005: Post-masters licensing program Couples and Family Therapy (ISSOOH, 200 hours)

1997-2003: Masters education in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Practical research: on couples behavior. Advanced Scientific writing: about couples and depression. Sexology paper: about couples and intimacy. Thesis; John Gottman’s couples research and therapy; title; “The Repairable Relationship”

1991; Masters degree in Law, University of Leiden

Additional Courses:

2012-present; Advanced Emotionally Focused Therapy training in California, USA and The Netherlands.

Training in CDOI (Scott Miller)

Personality Disorders over Time (Joel Paris) (2005) (wrote a summary for the Dutch Journal of Psychotherapy)

World Congress of Sexuology (Montreal, Canada; July 2005) with David Schnarch

Mentalisation Based Treatment (Bateman & Fonagy, Symfora, 2004)

Symposium Seksdrive; David Schnarch (2004)

Personality disorders (2000, 2004)