My Electric in Spain


Official Electrical Contractor - low cost Boletines and all legal electrical docs. Same day Endesa helpline service directly from the Endesa offices. All regular Electrical work incl rewires, new fuseboards. Professional genuine 24hour Call Out service.

BS Electrical and My Electrics in (Sean Bastie) has over 32 years experience as an Electrician dating back to July 1981.

BS Electrical Services include:

  • The issuing of Electrical Certificates known as BOLETINES
  • Genuine 24/7 Call Out Service (which we consider the best on the coast)
  • Home Buyers Report. Testing and Inspections of all types of properties
  • All 3phase and Single phase intallations
  • Full or part rewires. No job too big or too small
  • New fuse boards
  • ICP Installations
  • Surge protection installations
  • Additional sockets and lights
  • Security Lighting
  • Decorative / Garden Lighting
  • LED Installations
  • Low Energy Installations
  • High Voltage Sign Lighting
  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • Water pump controls including Guardia protection and flow and return systems
  • Inrigation control wiring

In fact we do just about anything to do with Electrical Installation work.

MY ELECTRICS IN SPAIN.COM was started by Sean (an his wife Lisa) in 2010 and designed specifically to help homeowners who are experiencing difficulties in dealing with Endesa.

Services Include:

  •  Reconnecting existing clients who have been disconnected
  • Getting property owners connected via setting up New Contracts
  • Paying outstanding bills
  • Assisting with all administrative issues including all the above and
  • Bill name change for long term rental contracts
  • Alterations to existing contracts including setting up new tariffs
  • Obtaining long term discounts for existing Endesa contracts
  • Obtaining lost electrical bills and help to understand the charges
  • Endesa online set up service

In fact, if you have an issue with Endesa we can solve it for you.

Contact us:

Spanish Office Telephone 0034 952 961 108

Mobile 0034 669 070 011 / 0034 669 069 998

Email or