Magazines, Newspapers & Radio

Spectrum FM
Spain's largest English Speaking Radio Station.
El Sun News
English-language local, regional and international news as well as special interest sections.
The Culture Clique SLU
The Culture Clique is a niche online culture and arts review magazine, catering to the Southern Spanish and Costa Del Sol ex-pat market. It is a completely unique sector amongst all the other lifestyle magazines and free English language Newspapers.
93.6 Global Radio
93.6 Global Radio – the official, English-speaking station on the Costa del Sol! With more live presenters every day than any other station on the Costa, 93.6 Global Radio are your number one choice for great music, chat, compeitions and more!
The Euro Weekly news
Newspaper with news articles and extensive classified section. It is distributed every Friday for free.
Essential Marbella Magazine
This has full colour features on lifestyle, travel and fashion.
Friday - Ad
Free weekly paper with local advertisements for property, jobs and businesses. Includes a list of local community events.
Sur in English
Free newspaper distributed every Friday. Large classified section and news for both tourists and residents.
Monthly magazine presenting news, features and columns. Distributed from La Herradura to Torre del Mar and Velez Malaga, as well as inland on the eastern Costa del Sol.
The Olive Press
Print and online publication featuring news from Spain, with an Andalucia-specific section. Distributed every other Wednesday.
Home & Lifestyle Magazine
English magazine key to communicating local information to the English speaking residents and visitors to the coast. Mainly focused on home decoration, latest news on interior design, property, architecture, restaurants, events, fashion, health and more.
An English radio station broadcasting from and to the 5* Hotel Kempinski, Ctra. de Cadiz, KM 159, 29680 Estepona (Malaga).
Talk Radio Europe
Spain's largest English speaking radio network. Programme content is news and information based. Available online throughout Spain and on-mobile via the TRE Radio App and TuneIn Radio