Practical Information

Lifestyle Group
Helping expats navigate the often tricky waters of being an expat or foreigner in Spain, so they avoid unnecessary mistakes and costs, giving them more time and money to enjoy their lifestyle and make the most of their time in Spain.
Breaking Spain
Expat solutions including: car transfers, re-plating, NIE, Residencia, Translations, Utility Phone calls.
Problem solving. Helping the expat enjoy life in Spain by removing the stress of settling down in a new environment. Topics covered;Personal, Financial, Property, Legal, Bureaucracy. Free consultation. Professional Service.
Mijas Foreigners Office
Acting as a stepping stone between the foreigners and the public administration as well as other institutions and groups.
Qualivir Services
Qualivir will assist you in every possible way with a wide range of services including home and house adaptions, home care, home maintenance, financial and legal support by assigning you a personal manager.