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An all year round pool season. Heat pumps, covers and rollers. Hot tubs, Jacuzzi and Spar specialists. Quality Workmanship guaranteed, installations carried out by professional time served engineers. Established on the Costa del Sol since 1996.

A pool heat pump is the  most effective way to heat your swimming pool.  Modern systems, are low on consumption, high in quality and quiet in operation.  And even in the coldest months, will give you excellent temperature results for a comfortable swim in your pool.  Our engineers will look for the most suitable location to install the heat pump.  The location does depend on the site of the pool filtration system and the electricity supply which you have to your pool to a large extent, but we can always find an out of the way place to install the heat pump. 

If you are considering renovating your swimming pool, renewing the tiles or updating the filtration system, why not add a heating system too?  And we can do all the renovation and replacement work for you too.

EnviroCare engineers can discuss with you the options available for heating your pool. Electrical pool heat pumps are the only way to guarantee that your pool will reach the desired temperatures, and you will find the running costs pleasingly economical.

Pool Covers

It is essential that a pool cover is used in conjunction with a pool heat pump.

Pool covers keep your pool cleaner and avoid  leaves and dirt on the pool’s surface: while reducing evaporation of water by as much as 80% in the summer. This will save you money on your pool cleaning, pool chemicals and pool heating costs!

Pool covers also prevent heat produced by the sun or by a pool heater from escaping. The main aim is to reduce the amount of heat that is lost from the pool, keeping it at the desired temperature but also reducing the time it takes to re heat a pool.

Each pool cover is cut and fitted individually to the pool.

Pool Rollers

For ease of usage a pool roller is used in conjunction with a cover.  The rollers that we advise are manually operated and made of a hard warring light material with allows them to be moved away from the pool if necessary, with ease.

Pool Filtration Systems

EnviroCare specialise in replacing pool filtration systems and sand filtration systems. If your filtration system is continuingly causing you a problem then the likelihood is that it will need to be replaced, and replacing the sand filter and filtration system is something that we can do for you at a very competitive price.

Jacuzzis & Hot Tubs

EnviroCare have many models and sizes of Jacuzzis and hot tubs to choose from depending on your personal requirements. Whatever your requirements, we can help you with many models and sizes to fit any situation and budget.

Service & Breakdowns and Maintenance and Repairs

EnviroCare Engineers are covering the coast dealing with servicing, repairs and break downs.

If you would like to talk to one of our engineers, or even to ask for some advice or information, please contact us:

Phone: +34 952 663 141 / +34 670 409 759

Email: [email protected]