Marléne Rose Shaw. MNCS Accred, AAMET Accred

Hi, I’m Marléne Rose Shaw. I've been privileged to help people for over 20 years, and I just love what I do! It’s wonderful to see the change in my clients as they overcome problems that have been keeping them stuck - sometimes for a long time.

I specialise in helping my clients overcome problems in the following areas:
• Low confidence
• Anxiety
• Panic attacks
• Relationship problems
• Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
• I am also a couples therapist.

Any of the following may be familiar to you:
• You’re stuck in a problem — you try to overcome it but nothing seems to work
• You overcome your problem for a while, but then it keeps popping back up in your life.
• You’re highly motivated to make changes but somehow you keep slipping back into old patterns

Why it can be so hard to make changes by yourself

Those problems that we find so hard to overcome are generally caused, and maintained, by the self-limiting beliefs deeply buried in the subconscious mind. Ideas about being unworthy, powerless, not good enough, having to keep others happy and so on – these are all formed in our earliest years when we’re much too young to understand how life really works.

And because the subconscious mind dictates around 95% of our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, we keep replaying the same patterns and thus having the same experiences. This is why so often we struggle to make, and maintain, new ways of approaching life.

How I help my clients make remarkable changes

The world of therapy has radically changed in recent years. Modern Energy Psychologies combined with conventional Talk Therapy means that we can go beyond the results that traditional counselling has to offer.

Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, (collectively known as Energy Psychology) are fast-acting methods which can access the subconscious mind to help you let go of self-limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.

By combining these leading edge techniques with traditional therapies such as Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T) and Transactional Analysis (T.A) I can help you quickly identify the underlying beliefs that are causing your problems, let them go and create new more helpful ways of approaching life.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen remarkable results as my client’s relationship’s, confidence, work-life changes for the better.

How to find me

I am at Calle Jose Rivero, Miraflores, Mijas Costa, Malaga

Google Coordinates: 36°30’16.5″N 4°42’13.1″W

I also offer sessions across the Costa del Sol and worldwide via Skype or Zoom.

How to get in touch with me

Call: +34 602 489 656

Email: [email protected]


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have training and experience in several areas of therapy, counselling and coaching. To find out more please visit the About Marléne page at the website.

My qualifications are:
• BA Honours Degree in Applied Psychology (University of Sussex)
• Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Counselling
• Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Counselling
• Post Graduate Diploma in Supervision
• EFT Level 1 and 2 Accredited
• Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

I’m also the author of the book Out Of Fear Into Love: Life doesn’t have to be a struggle
And the founder of the online self-help and resources community website: Into Love Community

Some Latest Reviews:

I found Marléne to be very professional and easy to talk to. We quickly established a good working relationship and her insightfulness was extremely helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who was seeking counselling. She also has some really useful resources on her website!

Thank you so much, for your unique way of working Marléne. I’ve seen a few counsellors over the years but no one has been able to help me in the way you have – I feel like I’m a new person!

I found Marlene at just the right time. I was suffering from extreme health anxiety and was becoming agoraphobic. At that time, I lived in such fear that I could not work, I could hardly even function on a day to day basis… I was virtually paralysed by my anxiety. I’d had a whole series of panic attacks, the first of which traumatised me so much because I thought I was having a heart attack. Marlene helped me to make sense of the bodily sensations associated with panic attacks and helped me to rationalise my fears. I now live outside of the UK, but still sometimes have counselling sessions with Marlene via Skype when I feel that things are getting on top me again. Marlene has a creative approach to counselling work. I can highly recommend her services.”

I went to see Marléne because my relationship with a family member was at breaking point. Now we are speaking and on much better terms, Marlene helped me to understand the roots of my problems and how I was still behaving and thinking in ways that I did as a child and she taught me how to communicate in ways that means I'm respected as an adult now. Thank you

Thanks Marléne, I feel like my whole life is heading in the right direction now, for the first time. I’m so glad I came to see you, your warmth and your obvious expertise has changed my life

Thank you so much for showing me EFT and the Matrix sessions. I would definitely recommend anyone come and seek your help.

Wow Marléne thank you so much – I’m really grateful that I found you and chose you to help me with my problem. My whole life has turned around since we had our sessions. I feel stronger in myself, I understand how I tick and with your help, I’ve let go of all those past beliefs that were running my life, and I love myself and my life now. My husband says thank you too!

I see life so very differently now. Years of burden has left me. The EFT and Matrix sessions helped me let go of baggage that I’ve been carrying around for years! I am a new person. Thanks to you

From the bottom of my heart, Marléne, thank you. I feel I can look forward now instead of looking back and feeling stuck all the time