The Home Inspector Spain - Building Reports

Building Surveyor and RICS Member (Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors) realizes: Home Buyer Reports, Home Buyer Assessment, Building Surveys. Let us check and negotiate the best price, before you buy! We are Architects and Chartered Surveyors, and from spanish Ministery of Justice certified Mediators for Construction Law.

Make a virtue of necessity: Turn existent construction defects of the desired property into negotiation criteria for a better purchase price. The same way you would do it if you were to buy a pre-owned vehicle, where every defect is nothing but negotiation potential for a better price. Our Home Inspector real estate surveyors will help you with this matter.

The idea isn’t new: The Home Inspector is a chartered and recognised profession in United States (American Society of Home Inspector ASHI). The American Home Inspector checks the house of your dreams before purchase and examines it in detail for any defects, since this is the only way the buyer knows what they are buying, and can thus decline to purchase or negotiate the price accordingly. The Spanish Home Inspector does exactly the same: We inspect the property with the potential purchaser (cost: 350€ + VAT plus a share in price savings of 25% of the savings. Alternatively we offer our flat rate option: 350 € + VAT for flats < 100m2, or  550€ + VAT for properties > than 100 m2 until 600.000 € selling price. The flat rate option is of interest for all those, who already have negotiated the purchase price / a purchase offer to the seller has been made. We will draw up a home buyer report – in written or verbal form – about the state of your dream beach house: Are there any construction defects that have been “brushed off” by the seller? Botch in construction? What will the repair cost? Is the property legal in Spain, does it have the necessary reductions and certificates for house connections? Are there any problems with building laws (dispensability's, rights of way, lien etc.), or are we even dealing with an illegal object?

Our Home Inspector Spain real estate surveyors still keep looking after you as a potential purchaser after your report has been drawn up and lead price negotiations in your interest. Our fee consists in negotiating highest possible savings when purchasing your Spanish real estate. Out of the savings negotiated by us, we earn our fee (25%, depending on purchase price – see also our fee table). Needless to say that the 350€ paid in advance will be deducted from this fee.

This is how you benefit from an appropriate purchase price of your Spanish real estate and our fee lies in clever negotiations with the seller or agent – in Spanish, German and English. And, most importantly: You know what you buy, are aware of the defects of the property.
 Our The Home Inspector Spain surveyor works for you all over Spain.