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Long term property rental wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both Spain and the regi...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492623529 · posted: 1492623529
Static Caravans 0 General
Does anyone know where I can find unsited static caravans for sale in Spain (Alicante region if possible).  ...
started by: Theresa-Lawrence-895823 · last update: 1491831232 · posted: 1491831232
Where can you buy BBQ gas from 1 Home & Garden
Hi, we've just bought a place in torrablanca. We have been trying to find BBQ gas. We've been to the...
started by: Karen-Robertson -897226 · last update: 1491555409 · posted: 1491495037
Is owning your House still the best Inve... 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Ferrari Financial · last update: 1489839818 · posted: 1489839818
Save your money in Gold and not in Cash! 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Ferrari Financial · last update: 1489744106 · posted: 1489744106
Rentals Fuengirola 0 General
Hi lo
started by: Julie-clapp-895661 · last update: 1489678495 · posted: 1489678495
Looking to move to the Nerja region of S... 3 AngloINFO Support
Hi I am looking to move to Spain Costa Del Sol region about an hours radius of Malaga airport, I am  Lookin...
started by: Helen-Winter-864176 · last update: 1489479211 · posted: 1487104806
started by: Ferrari Financial · last update: 1487934758 · posted: 1487934758
Property Rental 1 AngloINFO Support
Hello, looking to rent a small property in Spain before buying. Ideally we are looking in Murcia, Vill...
started by: Donna-Hyland-894026 · last update: 1487933454 · posted: 1487888507
Brexit Concerns - let me take them to th... 2 General
As a permanent resident in Spain, you may have some real concerns about Brexit and how it will affect you...
started by: Admin · last update: 1486660970 · posted: 1486644108
Supermarket 1 General
Good morning, does anyone know what supermarkets are open on Sundays in puerto banus ?  Thanks
started by: Valpolly · last update: 1486653931 · posted: 1486288261
Long Term Rental Wanted 0 Home & Garden
2 Bed min Property Wanted Long Term 1Yrs in and around the Aloha Areas Must be morden interior bright Airy&nbs...
started by: maxmill · last update: 1485706813 · posted: 1485706813
Long Term Rental Wanted in Aloha Areas 0 General
Looking for a 2 bed Min Long Term rental 1 Year in and around the Aloha Area Must be Morden Interiors Bright A...
started by: maxmill · last update: 1485706284 · posted: 1485706284
Rental Torrox Costa for February. 0 General
One bedroom apartment wanted for mature non smoking couple, all in price no added extras, wifi is a must for us....
started by: janet-538336 · last update: 1484168960 · posted: 1484168960
Rental Torrox Costa for February. 0 General
started by: janet-538336 · last update: 1484168711 · posted: 1484168711
English TV in Casares 5 Entertainment
Would anyone know how we can get good English TV in the hills of Casares. Download speed is not great for the In...
started by: Cheekiweeki-817816 · last update: 1483871836 · posted: 1466958735
Good car accessory shop? 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We are on our way down from Charente Maritime in France to spend a couple of months in Nerja.While we are...
started by: chasingthedream · last update: 1483531907 · posted: 1483531907
Parkinsons help groups 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of any parkinsons help groups in either Ronda or Malaga or maybe southern Spain.
started by: aurora borealis · last update: 1483475991 · posted: 1483475991
Ikea in Jerez, Sevilla, or Murcia 0 General
Hi......Newby here.I am looking for someone who travels, or will be travelling from the Malaga area to Je...
started by: Simon-Griffiths-883514 · last update: 1483040389 · posted: 1483040389
Legal advice in English for only 184€ ... 0 Financial & Legal
The legal help you need in Spain available anytime you need it.Our lawyers provide all the legal solution...
started by: Paul-Brazell Acosta-880217 · last update: 1481566917 · posted: 1481566917
Help wanted to clean dirty / mouldy pati... 0 Home & Garden
Good afternoon, can anyone please recommend someone who will do good job of cleaning and sealing my patio tiles ...
started by: anne3010 · last update: 1481196046 · posted: 1481196046
Spanish Lessons - 1 more person required 0 General
I live in San Pedro de Alcantara and have put my name down for beginner Spanish lessons to start in January - 3 ...
started by: Saffer · last update: 1479736243 · posted: 1479736243
i just ordered a full SKY package for £... 0 Entertainment
i ju...
started by: dave -batty-878423 · last update: 1479645407 · posted: 1479645407
Chart Topping Spanish Band Signs Televis... 0 Entertainment
started by: ShawMarketingServices · last update: 1478695813 · posted: 1478695813
FREE AYURVEDA Workshops 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Amrita-Ayurveda-867732 · last update: 1478638961 · posted: 1478638961
Help with National Crime Agency fugitive... 0 General
Good Morning,My name is Hannah Smith and I am an officer from the National Crime Agency.  ...
started by: Hannah-Smith-872901 · last update: 1477307264 · posted: 1477307264
Driving licence 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
If i move to spain for 6 months do I have to change my French licence for a Spanish one?
started by: Ferney-France · last update: 1476103881 · posted: 1475501857
started by: Amrita-Ayurveda-867732 · last update: 1473178110 · posted: 1472807371
translating spanish bank statements 3 General
Just bought an apartment on costa del sol and opened a spanish bank account for mortgage etc. though still livin...
started by: peterfray61 · last update: 1471300667 · posted: 1470858975
Investments? Stocks / Bonds / Pensions 0 Financial & Legal
Do you need advice on any type of investment?Let me know.I make what might seem complicated, simpl...
started by: Bernard-Brown-865698 · last update: 1469785898 · posted: 1469785898
Expat stories needed 2 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and ...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469198404 · posted: 1469101339
Treating the dreaded Jellyfish sting 0 Sport & Leisure
We recently uploaded a blog about treating or preventing being stung by Jellyfish which is a topic that becomes ...
started by: Admin · last update: 1469009176 · posted: 1469009176
Spanish Citizenship: How to Get It 1 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd p...
started by: Madge · last update: 1467828408 · posted: 1467811509
Winter let question 1 General
We live in Brittany, France but are looking for a place to stay in Spain for about 3 - 4 weeks in January. Ideal...
started by: Iguana Rock · last update: 1467271382 · posted: 1467221789
Referendum voting papers 0 General
Although my wife and I applied to vote in the referendum neither of us received our voting papers from the counc...
started by: Riograna · last update: 1466930841 · posted: 1466930841
Wanted Long Term Rental Dog Friendly 2 Home & Garden
I am moving from France and searching for a long term rental for myself and my two dogs (extremely well behaved ...
started by: Nicola-Sloan-860615 · last update: 1466672170 · posted: 1464338512
Will swap a huge estate in Russia for a.... 0 Home & Garden
started by: F-Freddie-862315 · last update: 1466085772 · posted: 1466085772
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Questions about emigrating 1 General
Hi Everyone!So, me and my partner (and the dog!) are thinking about relocating to Spain, possibly in the ...
started by: Sally1993 · last update: 1465397615 · posted: 1465391724
Channel 5 - Looking for ExPats for a doc... 1 General
Hi there,
started by: Katy-McGhie-861477 · last update: 1465371297 · posted: 1465292139
Winter Let Wanted. 3 General
We are a mature couple living in Pitou Charente looking for a winter let in Torrox Costa, want to be near everyt...
started by: janet-538336 · last update: 1464440288 · posted: 1464346933
Queries Regarding the New Registration o... 0 Financial & Legal
If you have a query and are looking for someone to help you straighten out t...
started by: Suecaroline-Benson-860693 · last update: 1464434370 · posted: 1464434370
Rental Registration - New Laws in effec... 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Suecaroline-Benson-860693 · last update: 1464431901 · posted: 1464431901
Almeria, areas near Desert Springs golf 1 General
Hi all. O...
started by: ROB-JONES-860068 · last update: 1463911421 · posted: 1463895576
New rental regulations 1 Home & Garden
Has anybody got any guidance on where to register their property to comply with the new rental regulations ... o...
started by: drp38 · last update: 1463819259 · posted: 1463753775
Curtain Alterations 0 General
Can anyone recommend a seamstress or tailor who can do some minor alterations to curtains?
started by: Saffer · last update: 1460388397 · posted: 1460388397
Basic Business Etiquette 0 General
Good Business ethics will set you apart. An interesting read. Click this link.
started by: Admin · last update: 1459592045 · posted: 1459592045
Play Dates Fenguerola next week 0 Families & Kids
Hi, My friend Lisa, is a single parent who will holiday with her two children age 7 (boy) and 12 (girl) in Fenguero...
started by: Yogasue · last update: 1458748618 · posted: 1458748618
Well done 0 General
 After the long wait I see that you have launched your new site. Will take some time to get used
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1457876026 · posted: 1457876026
Downhill Rapidly 0 General
People make changes , thinking it is progress ! The  new format will alienate most of the people ( 90 percen...
started by: leo-847121 · last update: 1457741497 · posted: 1457741497