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Hi all,First time posting so really appreciate any help,info with regard to weather patterns,micro climates in the Charente region.My partner and I are seriously thinking of moving to France as we love the lifestyle,countryside and culture but we ( particularly me ) are not prepared to move if the weather isnt significantly better than the UK.We accept that it will be a great deal cooler than the Costa and wetter so to sum up can anyone reccomend anywhere around the Charente area that has a lot of sun and much less rainfall (inc frequency) than the UK.We are looking at this area as we would like a nice big garden,a small renovation project for under 120,000 euros so cote d·azur isnt an opttion,unfortunately.Are we dreaming?

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Good morning. I am a Sole Trader currently dwelling I'm Guernsey Channel Islands my business is called Being There. I am looking to move to The Costa del Sol  within the next 6 months. I am a qualified RMN and I specialise in Home Respite Care for individuals suffering the affects of Dementia and Parkinson's Disease.I wish to base Being There at the British ex Pat regions. I have been self employed now 10yrs in Guernsey and want to see if I can move and assist somewhere else?

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Hi I am looking to move to Spain Costa Del Sol region about an hours radius of Malaga airport, I am  Looking for a long term rental , do i trust the sites i see online such as kyero  or would you advise to come on visits to the area and look around from there, I really dont know where to start , have concerns as you hear so many people with negative comments, I also need to find some work , any advise would be great please , All info will be appreciated , thank you :)

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Hello, looking to rent a small property in Spain before buying. Ideally we are looking in Murcia, Villa Martin or Torrieveja. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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OK everyone out there, here is an URGENT AND VERY IMPORTANT share so please do all you can to copy, post, share and share again to help it go mega-viral. My friend has been given a very poor cancer diagnosis and is desperate to find her estranged son who she thinks may be in Spain, Gibraltar or France. To protect the privacy of everyone involved (there are good reasons for this) I am using no names - but he is British, was born on 1st September 1987 and has a large and very distinctive tattoo of the 23rd Psalm on his back with a St Christopher in the centre. If you are him or know him please contact me through facebook. PLEASE COPY, PASTE,POST AND SHARE WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD, it may be your post that brings them together! PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE  ME ON FACEBOOK, I WILL READ ALL RESPONSES WHETHER WE ARE "FRIENDS" ON FACEBOOK OR NOT.

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I advertised with Angoinfo and want to delete my listing... how can I do this???  thank you  

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How many words can I use in a posting?

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