Re-Registering French Car.

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Hi all, We live in France at the moment,but have an apartment in Spain.We have 2 English RHD cars,both French registered.If we decided to take one to Spain,for our use while we are there,what is the situation with regard to using & driving the car. Do we have to re-register it in Spain?Another question is how much does it cost to re-register a French car?  Regards,Richard.

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Looks like as an EU citizen you have 180 days. More info you can get from here:

I am not sure on the cost, but I think it could be quite high as in €800. This you will need to find out from the authorities.

I hope this helps.

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Here's more info:


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I kept a Dept 22 registered car in Spain for 5 years , used to take it back to France every 2 years for Control, was never ever stopped . 

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Having just re/reg on the 17/07/2015   my RHD LEXUS RX 300  which is a 2001 (FOURTEEN YEARS OLD) total cost was  1570:00 euros, 430 of which was tax,.incl MOT/ ROAD TAX AND NUMBER PLATES . You will  think I was mad to do this, but have you seen the price of Spanish cars. The best option out of a bad choice, I think.  

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