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Hi Everyone Does anyone know who to contact to take my car for an ITV test in Malaga for me, as ive never done it myself and find it hard to understand, plus my Spanish is not good enough. I cant be doing with all the hassle. Dave

started by: Emma72 · last update: 1407751482 · posted: 1407671816

Does anyone know if there are any car leasing schemes in the Marbella area? If not are there any companies which do long term rentals - 3 months to a year?  Thanks

started by: Jane Jewson · last update: 1399053890 · posted: 1399053890

Hi, I am looking for a good run around car to buy. Preferably Spanish reg. Must be four door and have air con. Up to 1,800 Euros Max Max. Anyone about to leave for the UK and want to sell theirs quickly please contact me on 951 161 202 or 673 958 858 or email me at janejewson@gmail.com  thanks.

started by: brat76 · last update: 1396443984 · posted: 1395939222

I own a ten years old S Type Jaguar in excellent condition.LH drive on Spanish plates.  Runs very smoothly and it is economic on a long run. 150k kilometers. ITV till July. I'm looking to swap for a similar value, similar condition, UK registered car. 

started by: golfmad · last update: 1395056015 · posted: 1295787316

Where can i buy tyres for my car at reasonable prices.... Malaga to Fuengerola areas.. Thanks

started by: spicyp · last update: 1381824123 · posted: 1366310077

Hello everyone, I wonder if someone can help me. We lived in Spain for 1 year but moved home in 2011. However, we still have a Spanish registered car in Benalmadena which is in my friends garage. We are coming over next week and I would love to get rid of the car, it really isn't worth anything and everything has now expired, insurance, mot etc. Road tax will be due to be paid. I have read on this forum that you can contact the police and they will arrange collection to the scrap yard for you, is this still the case or should we contact a scrap merchant directly to come and collect and if so, will they charge us as the car is not startable or drivable after this length of time I would imagine. Any help in this matter is hugely appreciated. Kind regards Pauline - Scotland

started by: Susan.Chic · last update: 1381144533 · posted: 1377201072

Can anyone recommend a car hire company?  To pick up from Malaga airport if poss

started by: Lawrence Salvoni-854348 · last update: 1380478079 · posted: 1379504345

Good day fellow readers. Can anybody in Angloinfo land advise me of a good Dodge/Chrysler garage on the C Del Sol? I have a Dodge Nitro SUV coming up for its ITV and it needs a service plus a few bits n pieces. Many thanks Lawrence Salvoni

started by: Captain Kirk-857122 · last update: 1366460117 · posted: 1366190786

Is there anywhere near Malaga which provides for circuit car racing but is not go karting.

started by: Tomillo-882097 · last update: 1364978276 · posted: 1364938245

Our ITV runs out on Friday and the next appointment we can make is next Tuesday. Is it possible to turn up without an appointment?

started by: erika-877752 · last update: 1363282102 · posted: 1350999293

Hi all, Could someone please assist?  I need to find an English driving school near Sotogrande, San Roque, Cadiz to enable me to obtain my driving licence. I am from a non-EU country, so I cannot just exchange my licence, I have to go through the whole test again. Much appreciated.

started by: harepaws · last update: 1361003375 · posted: 1360853883

Do garages do pre ITV tests here? How much is the cost approx?

started by: jadey-891467 · last update: 1360102689 · posted: 1359638828

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get your English Driving Licence back as my son was disqualified and they told him he had to go for a medical before they would return it, however he lives in spain now is there any other way of getting it back without going back to the UK. thanks

started by: carol-c · last update: 1359192555 · posted: 1358968613

Can any one please explain what happens if you do not have the money to pay to release your car from the pound after being gruad.

started by: Bridie-853867 · last update: 1358842028 · posted: 1358544335

I hear there are new licence rules in Spain from January about residents driving on a European non Spanish licence. Can anyone tell me what the changes are?

started by: Jackeen-853911 · last update: 1357576121 · posted: 1357239944

Is there any go-karting in Torre Del Mar?

started by: soope-486241 · last update: 1357150450 · posted: 1357129788

Hi, Does anyone know of a reliable mobile motor mechanic near to Periana? We are down here on hols and the car has started to loose oil. We also need the name of a reliable taxi firm as we have to get to the airport for Tuesday next week. many thanks

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does anyone know of a car valet service near Malaga please.

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Hi I am looking for some help and advice. My friend has lost her paperwork for her spanish car and needs to know how to get replacements.  Neither of us fancy a day in traffico but if that has to be then so be it.. someone had mentioned that it can be done in the ITV station but as to how accurate this is I don't know.  Any help and info would be appreciated thanks Bev 

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We are planning on hiring car at Malaga airport for 3 days in early December.  Anyone recommend a good hire company at the airport?   We are trying to avoid companies like Gold Car who totally rip you off with extra charges, upgrades you dont want etc and leave you with no option but to accept their charges or have no car.    A company who do the old Collect full and Return full would be ideal.  Many thanks for any suggestions.  

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