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Anyone had any experience of buying a car and going to the office in malaga to sort out paperwork, price etc. I am going to arrange transfer of ownership.

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Do I have to have an NIE to buy a car in Spain?I spend 5 months a year here and would prefer to buy one outright rather than keep hiringMany thanks for any replies

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Hi all. any good car hire companys at malaga airport that do not charge fuel.ive been ripped off at other airports 90 euros to fill up ford fiesta. if poss empty- empty or full-full.

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I am an Angloinfo resident living in SW France and am driving down through Spain to Tarifa next week. I am planning to spend a week in Morroco and would appreciate any help on the best place to park and leave my car; if it is secured parking so much the better, but not essential. Any info and help gratefully received. Many thanks

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Hi folks,I'm usually a France AngloInfo person, but I'm coming down to the Costa del Sol for the winter and have a question.Can I get Millers Diesel Additive anywhere in the area. I currently get my supplies from a British dealer in France who imports it. I don't really want to have to bring too much with me so wondered if its available from anyone near Estepona/Duquesa. Possibly it's available in Gibraltar?Can anyone help please?

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Hi there, I bought a Spanish plated car from a dealer in London,got all the docs, checked the vehicle at department of transport and police in Spain, it is all ok and clean. The car now is in Spain, went to transfer ownership, dont have copy of passport and NIF cert. of previous keeper. can I still be able to register and transfer ownership to my name without previous keeper's copy of passport and Nif certificate. Can anyone advise please.

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We are 7 adults looking to hire a 9 seater van from the 2/10-9/10 and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a reputable car hire company at the airport? We have found Malaga Airport Car Hire on this site but know nothing about them!

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Hi all. I am driving to spain for 5or6 months is there an uk insurance company working out of spain that can insure my uk regested car as my uk insurance will only insure me for 90 days. also my car tax will run out on the third month. can i get car tax online with there policy.will dvla accept this.

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Hi everyone, i have a transfer document to selling my car, i have spanish man to view on Sunday so my Gestoria is not open, need advice on what parts to fill in and should i hold any documentation back or give it all to him, any help would be appreciated, you hear so many stories of the seller still paying bills later on for the car.

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What date does road tax have to be paid by in Spain and wher can I get a copy bill as I have never recieved one?

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Is the speed limit changing? I was half listening to the radio and heard some mention but didn't hear is this is a definite thing or whether they were just contemplating it?

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HI everyone thought id try here as I have been trying to get a sensable price for someone to either trailer or put a xsara on a truck near antequera and bring it down to mijas costa , but the prices i have been getting are anywhere between €75 > €100 an hour based on a 3 hr job there and back ! In my book thats robbery ! So does anyone know of anyone who has a car trailer and wants to earn some cash or a sensable priced grua ? I dont mind paying around €150 Ive been recovered from mijas costa before covered under the car insurance and that only took 1hr 20 mins back to antequera ! but new insurance wont cover the distance this time (that will teach me to do cheap insurance) I'm surprized spain doesnt have a recovery membership like the aa or rac ??anyway if anyone knows of anyone my email is in.the.sun.2010@gmail.comthanks in advance

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Morning spain, we are moving from France to Spain permenantly, we have 2 cars (left-hand drive) 1 bike and a trailer that will need to be insured, as we understand things we must re-register the vehicles BEFORE we can get insurance ?? any information and advice will be welcome. thanks folks, Linda.

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Looking for a better deal on my car insurance, I currently use Allianz but it seems quite expensive. Any suggestions or recommendations welcome please.

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Hi, my scooter will no longer start. Anyone know of a mobile mechanic who works on 50cc scooters please? Thanks in advance,GFX2

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Does anyone know what the law is on carrying a bike on a purpose built (UK) bike rack on the back of a car. I have read that the bikes on the rack should not project beyond the sides of the carrying vehicle/car. I must admit that I have only seen roof mounted bike racks here in SpainAnyone any ideas?

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Hello. I wonder if anyone can give me some help as I haven't got a clue of the Spanish laws. I have a car sitting near Marbella waiting to be brought here to Brittany in France and I need some advice. It is a Toyota automatic and very friendly. When my parents died, we decided to close up and sell up so when the house finally sold the car was given to me but as it was in a garage and not used we didn't realise that it had no ITV or anything.If I get the ITV done can I drive it back here and get any problems fixed here? Also I will need to change the name of the owner as the owner has died, so could I do that in France? Will there be any fines for not getting all the bits needed done as the owner is dead and the car has been garaged for the last couple of years.What paperwork will I need to find and bring with me or give to whoever can drive it for me?Can I get an insurance to cover me to drive it back here? And anything else you can think of that I will need to do.P.S. If you know anyone that could drive it to Brittany (18Hrs according to my Sat nav.) that would be even better.Thanks in advance.

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We want to fly to Madrid for a weekend and need reliable, cheap airport parking close to Malaga airport but there are so many companies. Can anyone recommedn any or give me some wwebsite addresses? Thanks

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Wanted - does anybody know of a car transporter company or person with a trailer to transport a car from Marbella to the Benidorm area. Thanks

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how do I check if I have any penalty points or unpaid fines.I have been on the lista de correos and the post office have been returning my post! Just realise dI have been passing a speed camera on a regular route that had a 60 limit. I thought it was 80!I tried the link on this site to www.dgt.es but when I click on Saldo de Puntos (Sin certificado) or Saldo de Puntos y antecedentes (Con certificado) (not sure which i should use) I get this message:secure Connection Fialedsede.dgt.gob.es uses an invalid security certificate.The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is not trusted.(Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)Can anyone help?

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