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Hi i need to gt my ITV done this week does anyone know of a garage that can do it all for me as it was a right hassel last time in estapona!!!

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Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic s Year Nov 2005. Uk registered Porsche Cayenne for sale or swap. I have decided to stay in Spain now so I would like to get a LHD spanish Registered car. 80,000 km Electric everything, Sat Nav, Amazing car for the price. Only 17,500 Euros or possible swap for spanish reg LHD car. Steve 636 346 187 sellyourhouse @ hotmail.com.

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Does anyone know where cark Park 3 is.............. I am told its free and just past the airport entrance??? with bus links to the terminal. Thanks

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Are there any car showrooms here where they have electric cars? I would like to find out a bit more about them, although I know they are expensive at the moment and not in major production.

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Well, the question's in the title. I'm near Chiclana de la Frontera and I need to get to the Midi-Pyrénées (or just into France) somehow, but I've developed a complete phobia, or it may not be a phobia but a physical reaction, about driving on any roads with a drop - cliffs, viaducts, very high bridges. I just get paralysed with terror and dizziness and have had to be rescued bt the Guardia Civile or by kindly motorists, every time. I know I can get as far as Caceres without any very bad ones, by going via Sevilla and Mérida. There's a viaduct somewhere on that road, but it's a short one and not horrendously high; I managed it on the way here, so I hope I can do it on the way back, but after that I don't know. I think I can cross into Portugal by using the old Nacionale ratther than the motorway and then travel north via Burgos, as I've been told that there are no dizzyfying heights that way, but am not sure. I came via Girona-Lerida-Zaragoza-Vallalolid-Soria-Salkamanca-Caceres, but there were some horrors north of Caceres and between Vallalodid and Soria - I can't possibly do it again. I'd really appreciate any help.

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Anyone have a trailer for hire near Antequera?

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After going through Malaga tunnel towards airport, which turning do i take for el cortes ingles?

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Do they have a system here whereby you can rent cycles from one place and then return them somewhere else? In Germany they have a system where you just call to say where you left it and someone picks it up (obviously you have to make sure you have chained it up somewhere safe!)

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Is there anyone out there selling parts off a Pontiac Trans Sport 1991- 1995

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I fancy going for a scenic bike ride at the weekend- any suggestions? I don't mind driving to get to a starting point. Would prefer something not too hard going as i want to be able to enjoy it!

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My partners spanish driving license has expired and now she may have to start again with lessons and a test. Where is the nearest place for lessons etc as we live in TORROX 29770 NR NERJA Kind regards............COLIN

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Are there any car events happening in the near future? Car-mad relatives visiting soon so any ideas on things to do?

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thinking about doing this so if you have done it may be you could suggest a route places to stay etc. thanks

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I have an old car which someone wants to buy, have paid the local tax but the ITV is out of date, is it possible to transfer the papers without a current ITV. The person buying it wishes to renovate the car using spares from a car he already has of the same model.

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Does anyone know how to scrap an old Spanish plated car in Malaga? I have heard it is quite difficult is that true?

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Looking for a replacement door for my Citreon Saxo- any ideas where i can get one sorted out?

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I've had two puntures in not much more than three weeks - apparently anyway. The back tyre was repaired and seemed to be fine but I've had it swapped to the front and within a week it's gone down again. Repair not done properly or a new puncture? (I've only driven a maimum of 60km since the repair so that seems a bit unlucky!) I will take it back to the garage but I don't speak enough Spanish to understand what the problem is, does anyone have an idea?

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I don't see much rust on cars here, does that mean I can hope my bodywork will last longer!! Any special car care tips that would differ from the UK?

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Our new Van needs the business logo and contact details on it. Is there any where we can get it done ? -preferably between Marbella and Algeciras. Hoping someone can help help us. Thanks

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