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Where in Fuengirola area can somebody take the local tests for a Spanish Driving Test. Can it be done in English, or a school which has english speaking instructors. What are the rules for testing in Spain.?

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What's the most convenient (and best value) car hire company to use when arriving at Malaga airport?

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My wife is a non EU citizen (Nigerian) who has a Nigerian Licence which is acceptable in UK. She also has an international driving licence, which includes Spain. I hear now that she must, since having a residencia, have an EU licence or Spanish licence. How does she do this? Phil

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My car is ten years old and I believe that means my ITV, due now, will only last a year - is that correct?

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I Recycle unused / unwanted bicycles. Bikes Wanted "dead or alive". WHOLE OR iNCOMPLETE. Will collect. mail me with details, Thanks. Orlock

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Is there anyone near Malaga who deals with spare parts for a Pontiac Transport Year 1991 Living life to the full in sunny spain

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I had my purse stolen and my driving licence was in it, can anyone tell me how to re-apply for a new one. I have been on DVLA site but they say if you are permanent resident abroad they can not issue you with a new one, HELP

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We have a Picasso registered in the U.K. at present, but what can we do about getting it M.O.T.ed in the Costa del Sol? Do we have to drive it back to the U.K. or can we get it done here, insuring it with a U.K. company as usual - we feel a bit confused! Many thanks. Adios from Lin!

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Where will i get a tow bar fitted, with proper certification ,any ideas.

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Anyone know of a English speaking driving instructor please?

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would prefer diesel and nice long ITV put what's the going rate.

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From what age children are children allowed to travel in the front seat of a vehicle?

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Hello, Is there anyone that can give insurance cover in Spain on a UK registered car, thank you for your help. Simon

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... and can bring some things back for me please?

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Hi Wonder if anyone can help a lonely Brit in France, who has just bought a spanish registered mini from the uk lhd centre. I have some of the paperwork I need to re-register it in France. But I have two queries: 1) Where would I get a certificate of conformity from for this mini? I have been told to get one from the manufacturer in spain, but no idea where that would be as I bought it from England. Also, in the paperwork I have a Tarjeta Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehiculos - which I thought was an MOT - but as the mini is a 2007 model it wouldn't need an MOT yet - is this a conformity certificate? 2) I have the registration certificate (Permiso de circulacion) but it still has the previous owners details on. The french prefecture will not accept this until it has been re-registered to my name..... so does anyone know what the process is to put this into my name - I guess the spanish equivalent of the DVLA...... and where they are based? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. Its bad enough that I am new to France and don't speak fluent french, without the added complication of trying to sort it out in Spain too!!

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Just got back and found a car parked outside over 3 weeks ago is still there. No one has been near it no ones know who's it is. UK reg, good car, who can I report this too, someone in UK maybe?

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Spanish plates, legal. prefer Polo, Punto around 3,000euros

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Does anyone know whether the no claims bonus I have in the UK is transferable to Spain? I intend to sell my UK car before moving to Spain and if the no claims is not I might as well claim for some bodywork repairs before selling it!

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Hi there Have just moved to Calahonda on the Costa del Sol and I need to be able to drive here! Although I am well used to driving in the UK, the thought of driving here petrifies me and I wondered whether anyone knows of an English driving instructor who could give me a few lessons re driving in Spain. Thanks. Mags

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I have just taken a Renault Megane Hire car for a few days and you put a card in a slot and press the start button, around 15 seconds later it starts---Is this right or is it a fault.

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