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Cannot figure out whats wrong. Its a TomTom and I just down loaded the latest info any clues?

started by: rufus-847771 · last update: 1225449661 · posted: 1225449661

when can I get these around the Ronda area or will I need to go further afield

started by: radio4-847903 · last update: 1223813071 · posted: 1221573811

Would I be better of taking a bus to Gibraltar from malaga or driving there?

started by: soundsolutions · last update: 1221432645 · posted: 1220375645

4 wheel, heavy duty Car transporter/trailer. Ramps, Lights, Spare wheel. Used to regularly transport cars from the UK. Solid and reliable for small or large cars. Good earner. Tel Gary 634 693 281 leave email for photos. Thanks for looking.

started by: Pintos · last update: 1220033337 · posted: 1211035461

Can anyone recommend a firm in this area to transport a car back to the UK. Jenny Harvey

started by: jackd-847973 · last update: 1212154088 · posted: 1210804808

What's the procedure for scrapping a car here?

started by: Joe-Mijas · last update: 1211155031 · posted: 1210878736

How much do they cost here? Is it ridiculously exppensive like in England? Joe

started by: jackd-847973 · last update: 1210429436 · posted: 1209378806

I've noticed recently that some people are putting vests on display on the backs of the the front seats in their cars. Is this now necessary by law?

started by: boo pasticheur · last update: 1210329508 · posted: 1210329508

Hi I am moving over end of may to costa del sol and looking for a cheap car preferably a 4x4. I have a vitara in england but to costly to ship - too much hassle to drive over and all the legalities. Would be interested in a swap for anyone moving back to uk! thanksBoo x

started by: marineboy-847705 · last update: 1209915585 · posted: 1202585134

hi all, i am after a scooter, looked at vespas but they are mega bucks, can anyone suggest a good cheap new scooter? cheers all

started by: Joe-Mijas · last update: 1209482182 · posted: 1209118080

How much is it to leave your car there for a week or is there any alternative parking nearby? Joe

started by: Brummie-847941 · last update: 1209220999 · posted: 1209220999

Can anyone recommend a reputable reasonable second hand car garage here? Brummie

started by: Brummie-847941 · last update: 1208974853 · posted: 1207822540

Is there an AA or Rac equivalent here? Brummie

started by: hilda&dave · last update: 1208606070 · posted: 1208278295

Is there an equivalent here and if so can you get it in English? My grandson is keen to learn to drive as soon as he's old enough and wants to start learning the highway code now - I know -that's keen! Any ideas?

started by: jackd-847973 · last update: 1207313870 · posted: 1206636097

What age do you have to be to ride what cc scooter and what are the legal requirements re testing (MOT) and insurance?

started by: cross66 · last update: 1207090749 · posted: 1206967149

Would like to know how to take my leason and driving test . What the cost is ? How long ? Also passed my theroy test back in the uk , does this count ?

started by: panther-847828 · last update: 1203496218 · posted: 1203349240

Does anyone know of a cheap bus/coach company with coaches seating at least 50 people?

started by: rickolas · last update: 1200057215 · posted: 1199975294

I need to sell my Ford Ka as i´m moving back to the UK due to family illness, i need a quick sale hassle free, its a 1999-2000 plate, 78,000 kms, great condition for age, 4 new tires, metallic blue, central locking, electric windows, air conditioning, needs to be sold A.S.A.P.....To view or for more info please contact me on 679141548.Willing to listen to reasonable offers.Rick Leerick.lee10@hotmail.co.uk

started by: sunny-846713 · last update: 1194427261 · posted: 1190751292

I live in Sotogrande and want to purchase a Spanish registered car. Is there a reputable car dealer that anyone knows of in my area? Wanting something decent so a large garage with newish cars would be great?

started by: sandie-846602 · last update: 1194427210 · posted: 1194427210

Can anyone recommend a garage in Alora? I dont speak Spanish so ideally one that speaks English. sandie

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