Loony Toonz, ska music is still live & alive

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Are there any other ska fans out there that were present at the launch of a new band on the coast called 'Looney Toonz". (think thats how they spell it). As an old 'Rude Boy' myself I was over the moon when I saw the gig advertised in in the papers. Gotta say, even more pleased when I saw the band at Pogs Irish bar in fuengirola. BRILLLLLLIANT. I'm 37 years old and was 'Skanking' along with the best of them, took me back a few years!! its the 30th anniversary of 'Madness' this year, and its all showing that Ska music still has a great following - Young and old(er) Does anyone know when and where the band are playing again? If there's any other ska fans out there, maybe we could all meet up for a semi revival.

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Update!! Found out from Pogs Irish bar in fuengirola that Looney Toonz are there again for Halloween ( Sat 31 Oct ). they are also on Facebook and have a site on www.looneytoonzband.com

Just signed up.

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Had the good fortune to catch Looney Toonz at Pogs.

Their delivery and song choice was excellent , the sound let them down a little in the second set but by then the crowd were more than up for it and the place was jumping regardless.

Strong vocals and a band that didn't overplay any of the songs helped. the Fast punchy sets had everyone captivated. was also nice to see a female guitarist and a band that understand Image

It is refreshing to see a new band on the circuit and with good presence and great music, Looney toonz should go far.

Will be very interesting to see how they'll progress. I'll certainly be there on Halloween.

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Hi just having a nosey through here and found your post. If you're a fan of looneys i thought you would like to know about the latest band 'MODROPHENIACZ'. Its Looney's 'sister band' if u like, put together by 'The Rev' from looneys. Its their launch night tonight in pogs fuengirola. (fri 9th april)

They're doing all the 60's mod and revival stuff, The Jam The Who, The small faces etc.

Fri 23rd April the looneys are back at pogs, the full 7 piece. Its Stevie Sax send off gig so is set to be a bit special! Hope u can make it, and keep an eye out for Modropheniacz!!

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