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If you play Kaluki please get in touch as I would like to start a club here in Calahonda.

started by: maryline-854485 · last update: 1294601101 · posted: 1283514756

hello my name is nathalie , i am french, i am in monaco now and i stry to mouve in spain but its hard for me to find an apartement for rent from here , can somebody help me to find a good real estate agency please, and i dont no nobody there to so i like to find some freinds to, i am a litel scare to mouve there and be lonly, can be nice to have contact, thanks alote, i have msn to, nathalie

started by: Celticwarrior-853936 · last update: 1294183222 · posted: 1294093945

Does anyone know what route the three Kings in Malaga will take this week and what time it starts?

started by: Bridie-853867 · last update: 1293799031 · posted: 1293752229

Anyone know where I can find the new years eve celebration arrangements for Malaga city centre on the web? I tried the town hall.

started by: caxb123 · last update: 1290538580 · posted: 1290538580

Hi I am starting up a Psychic developemnt group from 7th Dec in calahonda. I was wondering If there are others interested in psychic ability that would be interested? For more info contact me on 671471872. I I

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1290533032 · posted: 1290423554

Does anyone know of a DVD hire service(like lovefilm) that operates here?

started by: sevenofnine · last update: 1288463324 · posted: 1288463324

Would anyone know of or be interested in a psychic who would do psychic parties between Marbella & Fuengirola areas?Please contact by email as I am not always here.

started by: mr angry-847760 · last update: 1283244720 · posted: 1241166158

I want to take some visiting friends to a traditional flamenco performance where is the best.

started by: mrorangepeel · last update: 1281636479 · posted: 1281562750

If you are awake after midnight take a look at the night sky as I read there will be lots of meteors. Don't forget to make a wish!

started by: Eduardo-854370 · last update: 1281174499 · posted: 1281174499

A few of us are having a weekend in Seville end of October. Anyone know of any reasonably priced tours - maybe a flamenco night? Any other 'don't miss' things or restaurant recommendations? thanks

started by: idratherbeinalbania-854268 · last update: 1280698221 · posted: 1279144875

I'm staying in Mijas for the first two weeks of August. I have a car and will be with my two boys aged 5 and 10. Can anyone recommend any places to go and visit, Parks, Zoos, towns / cities near by.Cinemas English or Spanish. Anything really.Nice beaches.I'm also thinking of a quick trip to Morocco. Can anyone advise of the journey time?Any good local entertainment places again Spanish or English. We all speak very good Spanish so no problems with either.Recommendations for restaurants ?Thanks very much for reading this and my thanks in advance.

started by: mrorangepeel · last update: 1279278761 · posted: 1279008955

I want to explore the world of spanish films and would love to hear recommendations for other members here- any genre as long as it is spanish!

started by: goatherd-850763 · last update: 1277587373 · posted: 1277562060

Hi AllI am wondering if any of you may have tried this company offering 3500 HD Satellite Channels for a one off payment of 50 Euros.I am very tempted, it sounds like an excellent deal. They say that there are over 500 Brit channels etc.and you can apparently watch on your TV through your PC.I would be interested to hear any comments.It is advertised here www.best-internet-offers.comCheers

started by: hustlersambition · last update: 1275468576 · posted: 1275403899

Does anyone know of where I can find info about what days the different markets are on?

started by: Trueporteno · last update: 1274448752 · posted: 1273678292

Getting well settled in Malaga now and looking to expand my dancing ability to other areas e.g. salsa, jive. Any suggestions please

started by: Yorkshirelass-853910 · last update: 1273859315 · posted: 1273793796

HI Only been in Spain for 4 months and I wondered do any cinemas in this area show English films?

started by: ian44 · last update: 1273755924 · posted: 1268159855

Seeking a band - have ALL the gear for live shows just need musicians. Primarily Bassist and drummer. Contact Ian: 699 250 841 eastpoint@hotmail.co.uk

started by: Kara-846758 · last update: 1273755786 · posted: 1273755786

Hi We are looking for a bassist to play with ZUMO, we have a set of 40 mixed origin numbers and a load of compositions to work on. Looking for someone not too hung up on genre, available, and motivated. Average age of band members so of is about 50 or so.

started by: costadelsoulman · last update: 1270830556 · posted: 1255129713

Are there any other ska fans out there that were present at the launch of a new band on the coast called 'Looney Toonz". (think thats how they spell it). As an old 'Rude Boy' myself I was over the moon when I saw the gig advertised in in the papers. Gotta say, even more pleased when I saw the band at Pogs Irish bar in fuengirola. BRILLLLLLIANT. I'm 37 years old and was 'Skanking' along with the best of them, took me back a few years!! its the 30th anniversary of 'Madness' this year, and its all showing that Ska music still has a great following - Young and old(er) Does anyone know when and where the band are playing again? If there's any other ska fans out there, maybe we could all meet up for a semi revival.

started by: AJG-851149 · last update: 1270565856 · posted: 1270565856

Calling all mods on the Costa Del Sol!! This Friday brings the launch of the brand new mod band 'MODROPHENIACZ'. The four piece live band will be on stage on Friday 9th April at 10.30pm at Pogs Irish Bar in Fuengirola. Bringing you music from The Jam, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, Secret Affair, The Kinks and loads more!! This band is all set to having you stomping the night away, and to get you all warmed up it is 2 for 1 on all drinks between 8 and 10. If you love a good fun night out, come and party with us and let your hair down!! Summer is on its way people!!!! Want more info?? Call Pogs on 952198013 Hope to see you there!

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