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Still thinking about things to do and wondered if anyone had done anything like this. I would love to get a group together and charter a boat for the day but wouldn't want to try and produce a decent meal on board myself, so can you get a catered deal?

started by: chocfan · last update: 1244812028 · posted: 1242577802

Any idea if there are classical concerts held in the area - prepared to travel if good?

started by: babblekit · last update: 1244017716 · posted: 1243866210

I wouldn't mind doing something with friends that doesn't involve just sitting around in a bar and maybe listening to music, perhaps an excursion of some kind though not too expensive - any ideas?

started by: babblekit · last update: 1242048002 · posted: 1238362560

What bands are good 'all-rounders' here? I want a mix of sing-along 80's style, a bit of rock and a few not-too-cheesy dance hits - does anyone sping to mind?

started by: panther-847828 · last update: 1241033227 · posted: 1240654144

I used to belong to a comping club in UK is there any such thing, it used to be great fun and I won some really nice prizes

started by: 123me · last update: 1240509652 · posted: 1240416990

I used to love the open-air theatre in the UK - do they have it here in English anywhere?

started by: dee-mac · last update: 1240260704 · posted: 1240096305

Can anyone tell me where we can go to the Cinema to see Dragonball Evolution in ENGLISH, preferably Fuengirola or near?

started by: chickpea-850683 · last update: 1239615674 · posted: 1239104399

Hi we´ve just launched an online video guide to Andalucia for all expats and tourists in Spain - and we´d like to hear your comments on our content. It´s www.solchannel.com - would love to hear your comments on our videos like the weather report, monthly news update etc.Many thanks

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What special things can we do at easter have family coming over and want to make it a good holiday for them.

started by: merrymen · last update: 1239097945 · posted: 1238156189

are there any care homes in the malaga area, more especially with some english speaking staff

started by: radio4-847903 · last update: 1237844282 · posted: 1236241840

I am looking for a live music venue for tomorrow night in Nerja, any ideas?

started by: littlelamb · last update: 1237413569 · posted: 1234346833

Does anyone teach watercolour painting here?

started by: radio4-847903 · last update: 1237413323 · posted: 1237277602

Which is the best radio station on the C del Sol to get requests played?

started by: radio4-847903 · last update: 1233054453 · posted: 1232101685

I listen on PC at present to R4 but is it possible to get a radio that will get the station. Its not always possible to use the PC

started by: Kara-846758 · last update: 1230545542 · posted: 1230545542

Hi there are any of you interested in getting together for a singing weekend in Comares, all the details are here http://pagesperso-orange.fr/mama.musique/global_harmony hasta pronto Ciao for now

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Which of these is better? I like the idea of a Wii, but am tempted by the DS as it is portable and could be used while travelling.

started by: merrymen · last update: 1229424412 · posted: 1229335632

not music but books etc. for friend who is stuck in hospital any ideas you guys

started by: soundsolutions · last update: 1224763192 · posted: 1224763192

Ideal for music venues, Bands etc. 2 celestion qx150 speakers with 15" full range and horn. These speakers are in excellent condition and function perfectly. I am asking just 250 euros for the pair or 280 with heavy duty stands. I have a vast collection of other new and used equipment for sale. If you are looking for something in particular, please mail me on soundsolutionsinfo@yahoo.co.uk Thanks for your interest. Best wishes Gary

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If your venue is having a halloween party, I have some of the greatest Props you've ever seen. Imported from the usa, props include ; severed limbs, a 6 ft very realistic Frankenstien , bat, horrific masks(2), an amazing pisture in frame that changes from a man into the devil and various other props. These are not your usual joke shop style props and many are collector pieces. Costing over 600 euros they are now offered for sale at just 250 euros for the lot. Please contact me on soundsolutionsinfo@yahoo.co.uk if you are genuinely interested and i'll mail you the full details and pictures. Thanks for looking. Gary

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name says it all I do favour Radio 4 through the PC, however not always possible to use the PC so whats the best Anglo speaking radio station here

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