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Does anyone know of any salsa classes in Mijas Costa? jayne

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Heard on the grape vine that the show is going ahead this year. All sorts of demos and stalls. AngloINFO are going to be there. I am going along to meet the team and see what else there is there. If you want a stall call Anglo sure they would be able to direct you! f

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My partner and I are thinking of flying our for New Year and the following week but can anyone tell us if bars and restaurants along Carihuela (and Bonanza Square in Arroyo) will be open? Also - no-one yet has offered to use my charity funds to feed the 6 cats at Carihuela!!! Why not!!!! Suzanne

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I am looking for a fender USA telecaster or stratocaster where would you go on the coast?

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Ikea have just released the opening date for Ikea! Cant wait, 30 October. Its in Malaga if you didnt realise, by plaza mayor.

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What size dish do I need to receive Uk tv? And where can I get one from.

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http://www.playamiraflores.com/pages/hogroast-179.htm Hog roast!! first one Ive known of on the coast

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I am a party DJ relocating to Costa Del Sol in the new year. I have all my own equipment - lighting, amplification, speakers and music. I specialise in 70's, 80's, 90's, anthems, cheese and chart and am willing to travel anywhere in southern spain for gigs. If anyone out there has any advice, contacts or requirements you can contact me through this forum or via my email; eastpoint@hotmail.co.uk or on my mobile 0034 699 250 841. Costa del Sol Party DJ.

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Hi. Construction has started on the new San Pedro underpass on N-340 coast road. I am concerned that once they actually start tunnelling and removing tons and tons of earth and rock, traffic on the busy N-340 will grind to a complete stanstill. There is a minor bypass route that goes thru Guadalmina South, but this road is far too small to deal with the volume of traffic that flows up and down between Malaga and Cadiz every day. Can somebody tell me if there are any planned bypass routes to prevent this road improvement scheme from causing absolute havoc for the 2 years it will take to build? I would love to hear from you on this subject. Spain for a great quality of life! www.26intheshade.com Spain a great place to live! www.28intheshade.com

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I went to Los Amigos beach club last night!! And this Freddy Impersonator was on stage. How good was he! Apparently he is moving over here if you get the chance to see him jump at it!! He was called Mark Saunders. If you have a bar get him in to perform he will pack your bar and I will be there! f

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Can someone recommend a top night out for me and my galfriend in Benalmadena pls. Like live bands if there is owt like in that area jon

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Having seen the write up in the recent Sentinella magazine, I thought I would check out Vista Del Mar Restaurant for myself. The signpost visible from the carretera near the bus stop, and the footbridge from Miraflores, gave me clear indication where to turn. WOW - as I walked round the corner the setting is fantastic no wonder its called Vista Del Mar. Its truly an oasis of peace amongst all the madness between Marbella and Torremolinos. I was made very welcome by the staff and the BBQ was simply the best. Trust me - try it for yourself!!

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Does anyone know of any classical concerts on in the caves in Gib please Stella

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Following on from the success of Vista del Mars summer BBQ's, they are thinking of offering 'something different' for the autumn/winter months - a Mediterranean Sunday Lunch 's- A set price feast of freshly roasted meats , cooked on a spit roast, and roasted vegetables and potatoes - 'al fresco' on the terrace overlooking the tropical gardens and the Med. Does anyone think this will work?

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I have friends coming over next month wanting packages for golf breaks. Not a golfer myself but they said to include tea times, courses, caddies, car hire! Anyone any idea where I would go to?

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We are moving to the area around March next year and I won't be able to do without proper English telly. How do we go about getting this?

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Went for lunch last week, wow the setting is fabulous. Looking onto the pool, then the sea. The restaurant is in Miraflores, recommend for special occasions.

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I never took much notice of this paper until last week, having lived on the coast for over a year I always went for the Sur!! I couldnt believe the amount of stuff in there? A proper paper with news. The tv guide is great too. I got mine off a friend who reads it every week, can anyone tell me the distribution points for the paper so I can ensure collection each week? hot and sunny in Spain

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HELP, kids are off now for 13 weeks what do i do with them!!! sue

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Hi All, Beware of bogus “Butano” (gas) inspectors! They have been around for years, conning unsuspecting property owners out of exorbitant amounts of money for supposedly inspecting their gas installation and then fitting “new parts” (usually a second hand regulator from the last person they visited and a piece of gas tube which anybody can purchase from the Butano depot for a few euros). These me usually arrive in a white van, they wear orange/blue boiler suits and carry printed receipt books, which use a very similar colour scheme and graphic style to that of the official Butano paperwork. They often tell you that you are delinquent on your inspection and that you are in an illegal position and therefore must have the inspection done right away. You have no obligation to allow them into your property, but they use surprise and panic to get you to allow them inside your home. They charge 50-60 eur and recently at one of my buy-to-rents, they tried to intimidate the lady living there to pay-up 150 eur for a bogus water heater recon, which would have consisted of removing the cover pretending to adjust a few screws and then replacing the cover. I have been caught by these people twice over the years, once in my apt and once in my restaurant. When they turn up they appear to be the real deal, dressed convincingly and clutching papers that resemble the real ones and they are very experienced at being pushy and aggressive conmen. Thgese crooks catch many, many people! Please don’t fall for their con trick. I’d love to answer your questions on this topic and hear from others who may have been had by these unscrupulous people.

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