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My ex boss from the UK has phoned and wants him and about 20 keen golfers to come for a week on the coast. I dont know where to start arranging everything as I am not a golfer myself and dont know the best courses etc. Are there any companies out there that can help? f

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Does anyone know of a yoga class in the Marbella area....

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My partner and I love to spend time on the Costa de la Luz in the province of Cadiz. We live in Estepona and from there it is a 2-hour drive. Caños de Meca is a sparsly-populated hamlet. It has a few local corner shops selling provisions, paper, sandwiches and beach paraphernalia. The bars are all very distinct from each other; one is an Arabic tent and another “Las Duñas” is circular, has a thatched roof and a massive open fire in the centre of the floor to enable it to run all year round. Caños de Meca is a beach-oriented place, so you are advised to leave you smart clothes behind and come in jeans or sarongs. It has a surfing, slightly hippy flavour to it. The beaches are to die for. There are miles of white sands lapped by clear blue water, where you can see the fish swimming around you. There are a few wooden beach bars, so you can sip your favourite tipple. Where to stay: Well there are a lot of very basic hostals favoured by the younger element, but for those who are enjoying more mature years and look for a little more décor and comfort still at a reasonable price, one of our favourite low cost Hostal Restaurants is located 2km from the light house at the Punto de Trafalgar: The address for those tempted to try it out is: Alhambra Hosal Resaurant Ctra Canños de Meca km 95 Tl: 956 43 7216 The Alhambra is built in a pseudo Arabic style, its Arabic arches are most soothing and it reminds one of just how near one is to the African continent at that point. Please try it. I hope that you love it as much as we do! Please let us have your comments on your experiences either of Caños de Meca, the Alhambra Hostal restaurant or anywhere else you’ve been to and want to tell us about on the Costa de la Luz:- www.26intheshade.com Spain a great place to live! www.26intheshade.com

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Does everyone know about the 80s night for charity on Friday 1 June. Its in conjunction with Central FM radio. 50 Euros a ticket! but with that you get a four course dinner, live music and beer and wine all night, so not a bad price! get in touch if you want tickets.

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Does anyone know of a good hairdresser as i am desperater to get my hair cut and coloured Jules

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I love latin music, is there anywhere around Fuengirola who presents live music? jon

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Wow, did you know that megabowl is offering 25% on a game of 10 pin bowling mon to fri at the moment, I am taking the kids later!!!

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Ned days out for the kids on the coast now the summer is here!! presume the aqua parks are open? what else is there for them to do?

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I am wanting to take my girlfriend out for a meal and wnat somewhere a little special can anyone recommend anywhere near Calahonda? sid

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Starting soon, weekly meet of like minded crafters to swap ideas, skills etc. Mijas Costa Email for more info. Life's a playa

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Does anyone know where I can buy roller shoes cant find thm anywhere.sandie

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Can anyone recommend a bar or club which has live music on during the week in the Malaga area.

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Has anybody got any information on the Feria in Fuengirola, i have heard of a friend that it is open on Friday but I'm not sure where it is, how much it costs and what there is to do there. Thanks Loz

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I have ventured to Velez Malaga today well near there to the country farmers market!! wow full of interesting stalls recommended by me!!! I then went inland to Arkwrights English shop where I met Linda the owner. A well stocked shop! sue

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we are a retired couple living between Fuengirola and Marbella. We enjoy card games - Bridge - Kaluki etc also MINGH the card version of Maj Jong which we also play. We also like scrabble. If you would be interested in forming a group of people for regular games please contact me. Juana Juana

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Has anyone been to this restaurant in Alhaurin el Grande?

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Does anybody know of any Easter events that will be happening this weekend. i have been trying to find an easter egg hunt and can't find one anywhere!!!! also where can i get last minute easter eggs near Calahonda??? Loz

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Have you watched Come Dine With Me on the TV? I am interested in starting a Dining In Club. Basicaly a group of people who enjoy entertaining and cooking and would like to host various dinners - lunches - barbecues - cheese and wines - whatever for as may or as few people as your home allows. There would be fixed prices for the type of menu. If you are interested - please contact me and we can discuss further. We are a retired couple - ex hoteliers and Bridge Club Proprietors living between Fuengirola and Marbella. Juana Juana

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Is there anywhere to go bowling in Mias Costa?

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Does anyone listen to REM?

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