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We are thinking of starting an unattached persons (very P.C) dining club in Mijas Costa, very much more relaxed than speed dating. We would like to hear from you via email, not the forum (it's in the public domain), if you may be interested. Please do not send a telephone number in the first instance as we will not call you. This is a genuine enquiry and we will not respond to any lewd, smutty, or derogatory comments or remarks, not everyone can be gifted with a rich and varied social life ,the like of which so many obviously dream up!! Email in confidence. Regards to all. No fast food.

started by: Bungle-846858 · last update: 1173977148 · posted: 1173735731

Has anyone heard of the new station thats launching on the coast soon? Mate mentioned it but had no more details. Sounds good but how do we get it and whats it going to be about?bungle

started by: Bungle-846858 · last update: 1173975940 · posted: 1173884142

Having a dinner party in a couple of weeks for some clients and I cant cook!! Can someone recommend a company that will do it all for me!! HELP!!! bungle

started by: fionap-846619 · last update: 1173794006 · posted: 1173731298

Can anyone explain fishing licenses and how and where you would get them from please

started by: Bungle-846858 · last update: 1173789817 · posted: 1173782593

Does anyone know where this is? bungle

started by: Lucy-846728 · last update: 1173776901 · posted: 1173776581

Can anyone give me any details regarding Tivoli world. Myu family are out with two children at the end of this month and would like to take them. The websites English link didnt work when I tried it yesterday and I dont speak Spanish!! Lu

started by: fionap-846619 · last update: 1173549486 · posted: 1173549486

For the person who suggested that an information page should be added to the AngloINFO.com site could you please email me. Fiona.Poole@AngloINFO.com

started by: james-846609 · last update: 1172735317 · posted: 1172577735

Where would everyone have their wedding around Marbella. My friends are looking for somewhere to get married and have their reception next year.

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1172735153 · posted: 1172693161

Went to fabulous restaurant on Nerja sea front today. An Italian.

started by: jayne-846694 · last update: 1172395179 · posted: 1167754001

Hi have moved to Mijas Costa area and would like to meet people around 30 yrs old anyone got any ideas where I can go.jayne

started by: Vivien Harvey · last update: 1172358653 · posted: 1171912766

Where can one go to see flamenco dancing at this time of the year ? Visitors coming next week - help - please.

started by: jessica-846603 · last update: 1171988638 · posted: 1171804748

I am wanting to find a bar in the Nerja area which holds the racing and also I can read the racing post. Can anyone help. jess

started by: sunworshipper · last update: 1171732287 · posted: 1171668657

when does the average water park open? hot and sunny in Spain

started by: Malibu-846718 · last update: 1171668788 · posted: 1170707639

Hi, my dish is set up as is my box but I need it alligning!! can naybody help!

started by: freddie-846607 · last update: 1171639185 · posted: 1170252324

Was talking to my ex girlfriend in the UK, apparently the new craze there is poker nights. She is in a league like I was in a pool league and they visit other pubs and play, sounds great. Is there anything like this down here. f

started by: sid-846600 · last update: 1171550409 · posted: 1170326887

Does anyone know where Dave hixon and DeeDee gone from the station? sid

started by: Kara-846758 · last update: 1171121817 · posted: 1170110131

Hello I’m a singer song writer and in February I’m busking my way from Brittany where I live to Malaga in order to get some inspiration for some new songs. I play guitar and sing, normally with a jazz band but as I am travelling on my own and play folk blues. (Because the chords are easier when I don’t have my guitarist to hand) I’m looking for accommodation as cheep as possible and to meet other musicians on the way. I would be willing to provide in house musical entertainment in exchange for a bed. If you want to check out if I can sing before replying to this message (and I can understand that) here is our website address where you will find a demo. http://perso.orange.fr/the.easy Ciao for now

started by: sunworshipper · last update: 1170707531 · posted: 1170707531

I love quiz nights, are there any in Estepona near where I live. Where do people go at night round me? hot and sunny in Spain

started by: susan-846606 · last update: 1170322768 · posted: 1170238922

Does anyone know of a casino in Marbella fancy a night out! sue

started by: Cheryl-846757 · last update: 1170155140 · posted: 1170014502

Hi, am coming for a holiday in July and am wanting to stay in a gay area. Mates told me Torremolinos can anyone give me more specifics please, Where to go, stay eat etc.

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