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I am looking for an English speaking speech therapist to help my 2 year old son develop his speech. Based anywhere on the Costa del Sol preferably. Please contact me on hennahuop@hotmail.com if you know of someone who offers speech therapy for children. Many thanks.

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Hi, I am looking to move to the costa del sol with my young family. Looking for a progressive primary & secondary school that ideally teaches bilingually. From my research these international schools charge 10k+/year - which is out of my budget.   In London we attend a Waldorf school .    Any advise would be very welcomed.  Maybe a, part private, or government school , in nice grounds, caring teaching, academic - just seems difficult to find.Anthony

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Hello, does anyone know of Spanish teacher who teaches 6 -12 year olds in the Nerja area?

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If you have details of the Christmas Markets in your area, then please add to this discussion. Date, time and venue information will be a great help.

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Hi there,I am an English nanny with 6 years experience in childcare, I am currently looking for work as I recently moved to Spain. I am living in alhaurin el grande at the moment but have access to transport. I can supply great references and I have completed a cache level 2 in childcare. 

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Hi, My friend Lisa, is a single parent who will holiday with her two children age 7 (boy) and 12 (girl) in Fenguerola from Sat 29th to Sat April 1st.Does anyone know of any orgained playgroups for kids that age? Or is anyone there with kids of their own who would like to meet up?

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Hello, our family just mived to Spain. We would like to meet families with preschoolers. Our 5 year old daughter is very bored and a bit lonely.  Please email me, if interested or know mums and preschoolers groups  kubidalia@yahoo.com

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Hello everyone. We just moved to Spain from UK. I have 5 years old daughter. We would like to meet other mums for a cuppa and a chat near some play area, so kids could play. We live in Riviera, but can also meet up in Fiengirola, la Cala, Marbella and all surrounding areas. Please drop me a message if you interested kubidalia@yahoo.com

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Hi. We are considering moving to Spain perminently within the next year or so. At the moment we receive Child Benefit for our 2 daughters, aged 3 & 4, and claim Child Tax Credits, due to our low income. Can anyone who is in a similar position please tell me what benefits would be available should we be unable to find work or any other income when living in Spain. How does it compare to UK benefits and is it straight forward to complete the claim procedure ? We have looked at all of the advice web sites that deal with this subject but the information is very sketchy and there is no mention of what the maximum income is to qualify, nor is there any mention of amounts available. Thanks a lot in advance for any help and/or advice that may be given. Regards and Best Wishes for 2016. Rob

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I have family coming over with a 5 year old girl. What is the law in Spain regarding child safety seats do I need to get one for her?

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Hi,   we are possibly moving to the Marbella area with a teenager and a toddler. I was looking at Aloha College for my teenager as a a school and thinking of normal Spanish kindergarten for my toddler. as for housing! what are the housing complexes like? Those with communal pools?   any info appreciated.   thanks

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Hello is there anyone in the Alacante area who might be travelling back to either France or the UK via France I have a young friend of my late son a young man who is having problems and we would like him to come stay with us till he gets sorted. but being Pensioners the only way we can help is to put a roof (which he is in danger of loseing)over his head hence the urgent need of a Guardian Angel has Spain such a person If so can you please contact me /we lost our only son in 2011 and this young man was a really good friend if our son were still alive we know he would have helped so can someone please help us get this young to a safe place we thank you in advance Mr J Baxter

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Hello, I am an Irish lady, retired ,and living in Estepona. I have a Diploma in Childcare and 14 years experience caring for young children. I would be very interested to know if there is an Organisation in Estepona where I could volunteer my help to care for children,perhaps helping the children with their English. A school in Fuengirola had a program whereby English speaking volunteers went to the school on two days a week and the program was a great success. Perhaps someone know of similar programs in Estepona ?

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Hello everyone,I would really like to share experience at Kids SPA by Milk & Roses what we had for birthday party !!!!!We celebrated daughter's birthday there, she was so excited and all girls was very happy with the treatments which they had, as masage, make up, hair style, manicure, photo session and so on.There are friendly personnel and very lovely and cute atmosphere around, SPA for kids it is something different and special for girls.You can find more info here www.kidspamilkandroses.comWould welcome to read your expierence of kids birthday celebration places in Costa Dels Sol. Thx

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Does anyone remember the plimsole shoes that kids used to have for school back in UK? Has anyone seen those in childs sizes here?

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I'm looking for some help! Need to find something lovely to buy for my niece's birthday but am rubbish with ideas - what do 16 year old girls like these days? Any ideas welcome.

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We are hoping to move to the area around Alhaurin el Grande soon.  We have a 12 year old daughter who has never learned Spanish so need to find a good academic English speaking school.  I have been told about Sunland School but we were also wondering about St Anthonys College in Mijas Costa.  Does anyone know either of these schools and opinions on their teaching and success rates etc?  Are there any others which are within a reasonable driving distance?  I would appreciate any information.  Thanks

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I have two large bags of female teenage clothes 12 - 16 year old ( jeans tops skirts etc ) and two bags of decent womens size12 tops trousers etc. I would very much like them to go to needy families in the area, can anyone give me any information as to where they can be taken?

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My niece and nephew are coming to stay for a week. They are 7 and 9 years old.  Any good kids events on over weekend 9 and 10 March near Marbella?

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Can anyone tell me where I can get a good price on one of those tiny, 3-sided cribs that set right up against the bed for newborns? the ones I've seen advertised are incredibly expensive. A used one would be great or maybe a reference to a carpenter? thanks! suzanne

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