16th Birthday present

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I'm looking for some help! Need to find something lovely to buy for my niece's birthday but am rubbish with ideas - what do 16 year old girls like these days? Any ideas welcome.


heaven sent 1382048170

What kind of hobbies or interests does she have and what is your budget? I'm sure we can help you find a suitable gift that she'll love!

custardpie-903507 1382284796

Hmm, typical teenage girl I guess, she likes music (no idea what, she seems to like something different each week) and going out with friends, her hobbies are crafty things I think, and cooking.

mgordon 1382428642

I think jewellery is a nice idea - something quite timeless and elegant that she will be able to keep and wear for years to come.

oryx 1382729654

Thinking back to what I would have liked at that age - what about a spa day? Where does she live? there are a few lovely spas here that i could recommend.

custardpie-903507 1382873524

Mgordon. I do like the idea of jewellery, it would be nice to get something she'll be able to treasure. Does anyone have any recommendations of a jeweller?

Oryx - A spa day is another nice idea. She lives in UK in the East Midlands, so I'd have to find one local to her.

mrorangepeel 1383682670

Try looking at 21Diamonds for jewellery, they have a very wide variety

custardpie-903507 1383728385

Thanks mrorangepeel - that website has some good stuff but I think I want to go for something a little more unique and unusual. Any ideas?

hustlersambition 1384852831

Have a look here : http://www.neraidas.com/ They have some really lovely stuff, think it would be good for a 16 yr old as it is not too heavy or ostentatious..

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