Charles Bonnet syndrome

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has any one every heard of Charles Bonnet syndrome, my mother has been told she has this problem but she has not been able to explain it to me. I cannot get over to UK till next week and i am very worried indeed. Info would help.


johnm-847753 1217162935

Do your mother have a late onset sight problem as this syndrome is connect with sight problems. Good thing is It can go away.

panther-847828 1217343491

My mother also has this problem. I got a lot of useful info from this site

Mother is so much better now she knows what is happening.

littlelamb 1217844228

Just wanted to add that mum had this too and the problem went once she new what was happening.

merrymen 1218369312

So glad we read this thread, Charles Bonnet seems to be little understood by GPs and now we are in UK I will be taking mum to a specialist as we think this is her problem. Late sight lost has happened, she can still see a little, and then we thought she had a mental health problem, it all makes sense now. thanks

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