Child & Family benefits available when living in Spain perminently.

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Hi. We are considering moving to Spain perminently within the next year or so. At the moment we receive Child Benefit for our 2 daughters, aged 3 & 4, and claim Child Tax Credits, due to our low income. Can anyone who is in a similar position please tell me what benefits would be available should we be unable to find work or any other income when living in Spain. How does it compare to UK benefits and is it straight forward to complete the claim procedure ? We have looked at all of the advice web sites that deal with this subject but the information is very sketchy and there is no mention of what the maximum income is to qualify, nor is there any mention of amounts available. Thanks a lot in advance for any help and/or advice that may be given. Regards and Best Wishes for 2016. Rob


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Hi Rob. From what I can gather is that you would need to pay into the Social Security system here for at least a year and then you would be entitled to benefits.I also think that you get tax relief here for up to 3 children. You would need to get the details from your local oficina de seguridad social. They would be the most qualified to answer.

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