Dream Meanings

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Whats does it mean if you dream about your teeth falling out?


rufus-847771 1243501754

People usually say it means you are going to be ill.

claudie-847773 1243503665

Thanks Rufus- i was wondering if it meant i should go to the dentist.

claudie-847773 1243595197

how about when you dream you fly dwn the stairs? one of the kids this time.

DonnaD-851047 1243609079

Here you go...your own on line resource. Dream Away!


panther-847828 1243672465

the flying dream is said to be about a young pereson want to "stretch their wings" you know get awy from being told what to do etc.

chocfan 1243692277

I feel a bit left out as I never remember my dreams. Any tips on how I can remember them?

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