Hair conditioning

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My hair is becoming really dry through lots of exposure to sun, saltwater and chlorine. What can i do to protect it?


Mitsu-847763 1215077274

I would put a good quality conditioner on and leave it for half an hour, try to keep your hair covered in the sun, rinse out the chlorine and salt with fresh water as soon as possible after swimming.

claudie-847773 1215161492

I use a shampoo that protects. Must admit I brought a few bottles over, which I got from Boots. I am sure you can get similar here.

mr angry-847760 1215602580

My wife uses olive oil to deep condition. She puts it in her hair and wraps it with a towel then sits somewhere warm for a few hours.

It takes a couple of shampoos to get out but is really intesive conditoner.

rufus-847771 1215790050

It seems to help if you reverse the norm and put conditioner on leave for a while and then shampoo

chalky-847762 1216206868

Ripe avacado mashed up and applied to hair is a great conditioner, just quite messy. Wrap your hair with clingfilm when its on then leave it for a few hours.

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